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The earliest of the wrist watches were produced in the 16th century and were mostly worn by women and the men carried around their pocket watches till the early 20th century. The prominence of making wrist-watches for men grew with the development of advanced battle tactics where the soldiers were supposed to synchronize t
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The winter sales right after the holidays can be a great way of making new discoveries. They are just the perfect for making a good bargain and you should definitely consider shopping for some new things this year. It is a good idea to get something fun from these sales and focus on items that you might not normally go for
There are some things in life that we all must own and clothing is no different. Wardrobe essentials or staples are a necessity if you want to look good and have items that you can wear over and over again in many different ways. Staple items of clothing are made to last and can be worn hundreds of times with other more hi
Winters are approaching fast. Chilly winds have already started teasing and as fall is biding adieu, the colors of nature are changing from warm and fiery to cold and icy. Soon there will be a dominance of whites, blues and blacks around us. That is nature. It has to like that. While that will be the scene outside the wind
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Every season comes with its fashion checklist; the dos and donts. This fall things are not very different; the rules that define the scales of fashion have tipped slightly. This means that if you are not watchful, the fashion cameras can get you on the offside. Becoming a fashion victim is not only embarrassing but can spo
Whenever we look to the future there is always a feeling that it would be nice to get the present out the way first. However, anyone who is interested in fashion will have already turned their attention to early 2014 and be planning their wardrobes for spring and summer based on what we have seen from fashion shows around
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It is a thrilling thing for most girls when they are given an engagement ring (and accept it!). You get to be the envy of your friends as you show off your sparkly diamonds, and of course there is the excitement of planning your wedding to look forward to too! However, one thing not a lot of women notice straight away as t
I?m lovin? all the looks in Bebe?s new summer look book, but here?s a few of note-worthy trends I?d like to share with you for the summer season. Don?t be afraid to wear all white this season. It?s the only time of year you can really get away with wearing all white without thinking it?s ?too summery? to wear, cuz well, su
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This is for the teenagers that may read this blog! Some schools have boring school uniforms. How are you supposed to show off your personality and fashion sense when you look like everybody else? Well, you can just by accessorizing! Hair: Try a new do. Wear your hair down in flirty loose waves. Use a curling iron but don?t