casual ponytail

This is for the teenagers that may read this blog! Some schools have boring school uniforms. How are you supposed to show off your personality and fashion sense when you look like everybody else? Well, you can just by accessorizing!


Try a new do. Wear your hair down in flirty loose waves. Use a curling iron but don?t hold the curl for too long, to create looser waves.

Add a fun, colorful headband to your hair! Or make one with your own hair by braiding your hair from one side of your head to the other and wrapping it over to the other side, securing underneath.


Wear a brightly colored hue on your nails to really make you stand out! Neon nails are hot right now. Any color goes! So have fun with it.

Have fun with your nails, add gemstones and fun designs. French manicures using different colors such as black and white, or hot pink and baby pink, are a fun twist to the classic beige and white french manicure.


Celebs have been rockin? ?summer scarves? all season but they are a perfect accessory to your boring school uniform for Fall. You will look instantly stylish!

Knee socks in fun colors are what a lot of teens wear to make their personalities & fashion sense shine when it comes to their school uniforms. Buy a fun striped or plaid pair!

Costume jewelry is a great accessory to spruce up your uniform. From dangling earrings, to long, layered necklaces, and big bangled bracelets?


Try some funky converse sneaks or other printed and brightly colored kicks. Or cute flats!