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The earliest of the wrist watches were produced in the 16th century and were mostly worn by women and the men carried around their pocket watches till the early 20th century. The prominence of making wrist-watches for men grew with the development of advanced battle tactics where the soldiers were supposed to synchronize their moves and maneuvers. These were basically pocket watches simply fitted with a strap to wear on the wrist. Such tactics were developed during World War I, and wrist watches became popular.

Today most men not only wear wrist watches in order to keep time and keep updated with dates, speed etc. but have also become an essential part of men?s accessories and is somewhat considered among the precious jewelry. Wearing the right watch is not only essential but also considered as a part of a man?s dressing etiquette. In this article we shall discuss five basic tips you can follow while choosing the perfect watch for you that goes with every occasion.

Decide First And Get A Picture In Your Head

Not knowing what you need to buy before leaving for shopping is not only a trait followed only by women but also shows poor decisive skills. For a man who knows what he?s wearing, one must also know what to buy. Choose the watch according to your need, your work and keeping in mind the purpose of buying a watch other than keeping time. You must first judge the watch on terms of functionality and comfort and then taking into account where you will be wearing it to. Look for different types of watches on the internet and decide on what functions do you want in your watch. You wouldn?t go out for a pizza without keeping in mind the kinda topping you want, then why a watch?

The Wrist Band

Wrist bands consist of various materials like steel, gold etc. and rubber, PVC, Leather etc. You must choose the strap according to your needs and comfort. While a metal strap be really durable and classy it is often more expensive. A leather strap is durable and looks classy with many types of different attire. So make sure you try out different straps according to your comfort and the budget you have set for your watch.

Digital Or Analog, Mechanical or Quartz?

Well, watches come with a no. of different types and functions. So choosing the correct function can vastly affect your budget. Quartz watches (battery operated) will cost lower than the regular mechanical watches, while mechanical watches also come in two variants manually winding and automatic winding. There?s no rule that a quartz watch cannot be as good as a mechanical. You can also make a choice between digital and analog, if your work allows you to wear a digital watch, which is considered as a part of a more casual dressing. There are also solar power watches which can be chosen as well.

Choosing The Right Functionality

While it is very common to wear a watch just for time keeping purposes, there are different kinds of functionalities available in a watch. These functionalities are called complications and a watch can contain several different complications e.g. 24 hour watch, automatic winding, Chronograph (stop watch), perpetual calendar etc. It totally depends upon you what complications to look for while choosing your watch. One must also be careful the more complications in a watch the more chances that it might have a causal and sporty look.

Waterproof or Water Resistant?

While not many people are aware of this fact but there is a huge difference between the two terms. Water resistant means the watch can resist minor splashes of water upto being exposed in minor rain. Waterproof watches on the other hand, can be submerged into great depths of water, based on the specifications usually mentioned on the watch itself. Make sure you take this factor into consideration while buying a watch, simply because you don?t want to see your money being wasted by a harmless dip in the bathtub.

Buying a watch is no rocket science and you don?t have to be an expert in men?s fashion to choose one. Keep the above tips in mind and go for a watch that throws the right mix of look and functionality at you.

Author Bio: Rohit Agarwal is a contributor to watchbandwarehouse.com. He is also a watch collector especially when it comes to tag heuer watch bands and likes to review the latest watches that he buys.