shamballa bracelet

The recent and the hottest jewelry that has easily found its way into the wardrobe of celebrities and others alike is Shamballa bracelet. Surfing the internet, you will find a wide range of topics centering on Shamballa bracelets, its uses, designs, colors and of course its meaning and cultural association. The magic of Shamballa bracelets has caught up so well that you find many celebrities sporting these bracelets. Some of the famous personalities found wearing Shamballa bracelets include Jay Z, Justin Bieber, Rick Ross, Kerry Katona, Amy Childs and Paris Hilton.

shamballa bracelet

Aqua Shamballa bracelet

History Of Shamballa Bracelets

The unique and trendy Shamballa bracelets are born out of inspiration of ancient philosophies belonging to Buddhism and yoga. It is believed that a mythical kingdom called Shamballa existed in the ranges of Himalayan mountains. This kingdom was abundant with peace and the people of the kingdom spread harmony according to Tibetan and Indian monks. Shamballa beads were inspired by the philosophies these people believed in and hence they were considered to offer peace to those who wear it. Apart from elevating a man to a higher plane spiritually, Shamballa beads were said to contain medicinal properties that help to address various medical conditions. The rich culture and the richer meaning of the bracelets were sufficient to draw instant attraction.

What Makes Shamballa Bracelets Trendier?

While the rich cultural association and meaning of Shamballa bracelets made them an instant hit, the appearance of the bracelets are so overwhelming that you cannot help but love them. To enter the world of fashion and survive the tough competition, a product has to have some essential qualities. Shamballa fulfills all these criterion and more to stay on top of the list of most preferred bracelets in the recent history.

Designs: Jewelry is considered an investment. However, people now look for designs and are more keen to buy products that have exclusive and unique designs. They feel that the jewelry they wear reflect their image and personality. Hence, people are more concerned with the designs that are not repetitive and look common. Shamballa bracelets are unique as they can be customized and they have great designs. You could make your own Shamballa bracelets and the more creative you are unique your bracelet will look.

Colors: Some accessories are available in specific colors only. Shamballa bracelets are available in various colors and hence you can have a wide range of possibilities to explore and look unique. Some of the colors in which Shamballa bracelets are available are black, white, red, orange, indigo, blue and so on.

Adaptability: Shamballa bracelets come in various materials and colors. They make a perfect match for every outfit and every occasion. If you want to look stunningly gorgeous on an important occasion, you could opt for Shamballa bracelet made of precious metal. Shamballa bracelets are made of inexpensive metals as well. Hence, Shamballa bracelets suit all wallets as well. Moreover, the size of Shamballa bracelets is adjustable and hence they suit all wrist sizes as well. Be it a little girl or a senior member, if they fancy the bracelet, so can they have it.

The fashion world has seen many products fade after an instant rise to fame. However, it is not so with Shamballa bracelets, which seems to possess the best of qualities to remain in the present trend and in the fashion world.