girl in a red dress

Do you feel like your outfits could do with a bit of punch? Sometimes a bit more drama in your style can really finalise your style and give your whole outfit more uniqueness. You don?t need to do anything crazy either in order to create a dramatic effect with your style. Here are five simple ways of adding more drama for your look.

1. Animal Prints


Animal print top

Animal prints have been fashionable for a long time now and they are still really good for adding some drama for your look. But as the prints are more and more common these days, you also need to do something more than just wearing some leopard leggings.

For example, an animal print coat is just the perfect idea for this spring. It will add instant drama for your look and will really turn heads around.

2. A Statement Belt

croc leather belt

Ferre brown croc leather blet. Some rights reserved by queenbeeofbeverlyhills

A belt is also a very simple way to accessorise and add drama for your style. You can really enhance a simple dress with a bold statement belt, for example.

Check out these Huffington Post ideas for a statement belt. Remember to keep your other accessories to a minimum if you use a bold belt. It guarantees your look is dramatic without becoming too blingy.

3. Metallic Shine During The Day

Metallic shine is a really big fashion trend at the moment but it is mostly used during the night time. But you can really add more drama for your look by wearing metallic shine during the day.

For example, a metallic dress together with a black cardigan is not a bad choice for work or for lunch. You can also go for metallic pants and a more toned down sweater to go with it.

4. Show Some Skin

You can also show a bit of skin in an unexpected way. For example, tops that are open from the back add a nice dramatic effect to your look without it being too revealing.

Also a long skirt with a surprising long cut on the side is a nice surprise element in your look.

Showing your skin can be really good way to add more drama for your look. The key is to make sure you don?t reveal too much and that you ensure you look elegant.

5. Wear A Cape

A cape coat is a perfect way to add more drama to your winter look. It really adds just a little bit of old-fashioned drama to your outfits and can really give you some royal flavour.

Go for some big and bold capes. Bright colours and bold patterns are a great style choice at the moment and will guarantee people notice you.

The above five ways are very simple ways of adding more drama for your look. It is a good idea to find the perfect way to spice up your look because dramatic elements are a really fun way to show more personality with fashion. Always remember to go with an option that makes you feel comfortable since you need to carry the dramatic effect with a head held high.

Author bio: Johanna Stevens is really passionate about trends. She loves browsing affordable fashion wholesalers and to make some great budget-friendly fashion discoveries. She is also really interested in music.