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It is a thin line between aesthetics and kitsch! Let’s face it; sometimes just a few clothing items or accessories can make a perfect outfit a bit too much and leave a kitschy impression. A common mistake is that many women think – if you want to be comfortable you can’t look good or if you are fashionable then it must be that you spend a lot on clothing. The truth is you can look good without breaking a bank or being uncomfortable, as long as you don’t exaggerate. Here are some of the worst fashion mistakes you should most definitely avoid if you want to look trendy and combine clothes in a noticeable outfit.

Find a perfect fit

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First and most important thing is to actually buy clothes that fit your size and your body shape! If you don’t feel comfy in a pair of denim skinny jeans that probably means you simply tried on the wrong size. Also if your legs are skinny, avoid purchasing items that will emphasize the skinniness. If you like wearing baggy clothes, boyfriend jeans are a great solution because they are a bit wider (and still pretty trendy). If your clothes are too small, you are risking a fashion disaster – it is not about hiding your body or flaws, it is about finding perfect clothing items for your body shape!

Experiment but don’t exaggerate

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Feel free to experiment with patterns and materials but never wear too much animal print in one outfit! That might just be the worst fashion faux pas women ever came up with. It is trendy to have a small leopard print clutch or animal print shoes with a simple outfit. You could buy premium sandals or flats in bold prints like zebra one to complete your trendy look and feel comfortable at the same time. So basically, the key is in a balanced outfit, with animal printed decorative accessories or details to highlight your fashion sense.

Find a perfect undergarment for your perfect outfit

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A visible undergarment is a huge fashion NO! Many women think that it is not really important the type of underwear they choose if nobody can see it, but, actually it is the same as for the types and pieces of clothing you are choosing for your outfit. Different types of panties, the shapes and cuts are made to be compatible with different pairs of pants, jeans, skirts or dresses. Investing in more expensive undergarments will result in feeling more comfortable in your skin, and more confident about your look and your body. Also, you should wear sexy lingerie in any occasion if it makes you feel good and sexy (okay, except at the gym but if that also makes you feel good, then have fun girl!) as long as you make sure it is not visible! If you are wearing a backless dress or t-shirt make sure you wear a backless bra as well or if the dress is cut out, choose the strapless one.

Evening wear during the day is a fashion disaster

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There are several occasions where you can wear a party outfit or evening wear during the day (for example work Christmas party). So simply don’t wear elegant evening outfits on regular days because it just does not look good. It is an unforgivable faux pas! You are risking looking like a diva but not in a good way. There are many different ways to look classically elegant and make outfits that are showing your sophisticated side and are suitable to wear for work.

Get rid of scrunchies

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For all of you, long-haired beauties here’s a heads up – stop wearing scrunchies around your wrists! It doesn’t look good! Simply put those in your bags if you really need them and just don’t ruin a perfect outfit with such a faux pas!

Pick the right occasion for showing your skin

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Never show too much skin! Pick the right time and place for wearing sheer clothing or cleavage. You can show your figure with more sophisticated clothing on a regular basis, and when the time comes and the occasion is perfect for a deep cleavage, go for it!

Don’t wear too much jewelry

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Emphasizing your outfit with a statement necklace or earrings is a perfect way to make yourself noticeable, but you should really avoid wearing too many accessories. Chunky and kitschy jewelry should be kept to a minimum, for a special occasion where it is the highlight of your monochromatic outfit.

These are simple tips that will certainly help you avoid the most common fashion faux pas women tend to make when choosing the perfect outfit. You don’t have to break a bank to look good, just find the clothes that suit your body shape and add a few decorative accents to create a more fashionable look. Feel free to experiment but try not to exaggerate, and as long as you feel good in the clothes you’re wearing, you will look just perfect!