We all see women at the office who look like they just stepped out of a magazine. They manage to look on-trend, but never like fashion victims. Getting the look of a true professional and still looking feminine is a trick many of us struggle with in the office. Here are a few tips to look chic and put together at work.

Buy Better Basics

office appropriate dress

When you have a bit of room in your shopping budget, focus on upgrading your work basics. Invest in a nice silk blouse or a great pair of great black trousers. Nordstrom?s has a lot of options for well-made but affordable work-ready options. You can simply search for “All Work Clothing” under the women’s tab online, and hundreds of polished work options from brands like Theory and Vince Camuto come up.┬áTo save more money use an online discount service like discountrue to find savings at your favorite retailers like these.

Think Neutral

For a more grown-up look, try neutral options in a variety of textures. Black, white, grey, and caramel form the foundation of a polished work wardrobe. No one is saying you should never wear color, just use it sparingly. You don?t want to end up looking like a child’s drawing from art class, but rather like a charcoal sketch in an art gallery.

Beware of Dressing Too Young or Too Casually

Wearing clothes that belong in a teenager’s closet can easily undermine your credibility at work. Be careful with your skirt length, and stay near the knee. Avoid flip-flops and always try to secure an overall look with a structured jacket.

Care for your Accessories

Pieces you wear or carry every day, such as your handbag or your wedding ring, should be well cared for. Clean your jewelry regularly, and if your shoes are scuffed, polish them or take them to a cobbler when necessary. Walking around with beaten up shoes or a briefcase with a tear in it makes it appear you don’t care for your items or yourself.

Find a Tailor

tailored office look

When it comes to looking polished, the most important thing is fit. Make sure you are buying your clothes in the right size. Try to fit the largest part of you first since you can take your pieces to a tailor to take in the larger parts.

These ideas will have you looking and feeling more put together at work. Hopefully with the right steps, dressing more professionally will translate to more confidence and more success in your career.