tungsten rings

If you are in the market for a ring that combines visual treat with strength, the tungsten ring will make a perfect choice. However, you should not just settle for any retailer or pick the first ring that comes your way. There are several things you will have to do before making the final decision.

Know your exact size

One thing you have to know about tungsten rings is that once they are manufactured, they can’t be resized later on. This is because the material has low tensile properties and would crack instead of bending if under a lot of pressure. You need to make sure you get the right size the first time round or else you will have to buy a new ring or have to deal with a tight or loose ring all your life. If your fingers swell in different temperatures, you need to account for that during fitting.

Black tungsten is not the best

Most people don’t know this, but to make the gray tungsten black, a new coat has to be applied on the ring. As much as the final effect will look amazing, it will not last long since the new plate is subject to wear and tear. It will tarnish the overall look of your ring with time.

Avoid cobalt binders

In the creation of tungsten wedding bands, tungsten is combined with carbon to form a fine powder which is then mixed with a binder. The binder may either be nickel or cobalt. Avoid rings with cobalt binders at all costs. Cobalt causes allergic reactions and will also react with skin oils to form permanent stains on your ring. Always opt for rings with nickel binders.

The ring is heavy

Tungsten is heavier than other materials like platinum, silver and gold. You need to be careful before you buy this ring as the weight may not work best for you. Therefore, before you make the final decision, try on different rings and make sure you can live with the weight of the tungsten ring.

There are several styles to pick from

Do not allow yourself to be pushed into selecting a specific style by a jeweler. Unlike a few years back, tungsten rings are available in a range of styles. The styles include the classic dome, classic bands court, colored, faceted and brushed. Make sure you examine all the available styles before making a choice.

Customization will cost you more

Just like with other materials, the more custom features you request on the tungsten ring, the more money you will end up paying. Tungsten rings cannot be engraved using traditional methods because of the characteristics of the material. Jewelers may therefore charge you more for engraving than they would on typical rings.

Although the initial investment may seem steep, you will earn back your money, especially when you consider that the tungsten ring is 100% scratch-proof and extremely durable. The most important tips are ensuring you select a ring that is perfect for you and that you only work with reputable retailers.