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The fashion industry has seen some exciting new names of late, with several prominent names coming from Africa. African fashions are getting more time both on haute couture runways and on the streets. What is this hot new trend all about? Here are the top ten most beautiful African fashions. Incorporate these looks into your style for a fresh, current, and worldly look.

1. Bright, Bold and Colorful

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Textiles that are bright, bold, and colorful get lots of play time in African design. Outfits can be created with several different colors, and the more vibrant, the better. Try this look out by thinking of your clothes as an artist might. Don’t be afraid to be colorful.

Inject a bit of color into a dull outfit. Think about purples, bright orange, and sparkling gold. Designer Hazel Aggrey-Orleans, who was raised in Nigeria, is known for infusing almost all of her pieces with a dash of bright orange.

2. Geometric Prints

Intricate geometric prints are big right now. Traditional, tribal patterns are mixed with modern elements like shining fabric. The result is a fresh, new look that shouldn’t be left on the runway.

The next time you look for a clothing item in a metallic color, make sure it has some triangles, squares or circles imprinted into it. Designer Gavin Rajah’s work can be recognized by the repetitive geometric patterns around the waist and wrists.

3. Statement Jewelry

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Fashion designer Kelly Karago of Kenya’s Mcensal Ltd is known for the bold statement necklaces that go along with her looks. Tall, coil chokers in pale gold, decorated with beads create a well-recognized African style. In African fashion, this is often paired with long, dangling earrings.

4. Pants That Pop

For a fun spin on pants and top outfit, choose a solid color that pops out against the rest of your ensemble. This beautiful African fashion carries an air of celebration. You will look as though you’re ready to party. Are you?

5. Full Skirt

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Full skirts with a tailored, high waistline give the lower half of the body plenty of volume. Try this look if you want to balance out broad shoulders, and bring attention to your lower half.

6. Peekaboo Belly

African designers often leave the mid-riff bare. This can be done with a peek-a-boo dress or by pairing a crop top with a skirt.

7. Headdress

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Bold colors and prints make headdresses one of the top ten African styles. Gorgeous prints can complement the colors of your outfit.

8. Off The Shoulder

In African style, you often see tops with off-the-shoulder sleeves. The cold shoulder look can be breezy and casual or worn for a formal event.

9. Inspired by Nature

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Prominent African designers often draw on nature for inspiration. This year’s African Fashion Week featured many pieces with nature-inspired prints. From flowing, leaf-like patterns to fabrics painted with shells in water, the varieties were endless.

10. Decorative Necklines

One striking element of African fashion that cannot be overlooked is decorative necklines. Intricate details around the collar or down the front and center of men and women’s tops alike leave a lasting impression.

These ten African fashions are just the beginning. Africa is a continent with a deep heritage of arts, beauty, and craftsmanship. The styles that come from Africa remind the world to have fun with their clothing: be bold, show some skin, and infuse your outfits with color.