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Curly hair might be one of those things on which you get many compliments from people with straight hair. Many people seem to want a curl to their hair, but those that insist they do never seem to understand the struggle you go through just to make it presentable. Curls are unpredictable, and many seem to have a mind of their own in terms of what angle they’ll pop out at, whether they’ll maintain definition or dissolve into a fluffy mass, and frizz. While not everything about your curls is entirely in your control, there are ways that you can alter your routine to reduce frizz. Here are just a few ways that curly tops like you are doing that now.

Untangle While You Condition

beautiful curly hair

Because curly hair is so much more brittle than straight hair, dry brushing can result in split ends or otherwise damaged hair. You can disentangle the knots while you’re using a conditioner to increase your hair’s malleability and reduce the likelihood of visible damage. Most hair conditioners are full of various nutrients and formulas that promote strong, stable follicles and strands. They can also soften hair as you wash, making it smoother and more manageable than at any time. By taking a wide-toothed comb to your hair while you’re in the shower, your curls will be stronger and be able to settle back into their natural coils without the interruption of a brush. You can also use this time to increase volume at the roots. While in the shower, flip your hair over and hang your head upside down while you comb. Flip your hair back in place to rinse out your conditioner, and your hair will have the chance to settle around your chosen part without being tugged flat against the scalp during the combing process.

Run it Cold

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While a hot shower is great for relaxing your muscles and clearing out your pores, you may not want to use hot water through the entire shower if you want to kill frizz. Cold water helps seal up the fuzzy extensions in your hair strands that create frizz, making your hair smoother and stronger. However, this doesn’t mean you can just skip out on having hot water installation in your home. You will still want hot water for those deep washes that remove the heavy residue left by conditioners and hair products over the course of your routine. A little cold water at the very end of the shower is all you really need, though overall you shouldn’t be showering more than two to three times a week to avoid drying out your hair.

Consider Using Oils

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Conditioner is the lifeblood of any curly hair, but there are ways to keep your hair soft that are even better than commercial conditioners. Pure oils like olive oil, argon, jojoba, grape, coconut, and others give nourishing vitamins to your hair while also replacing the natural oils lost during your shower. Using these oils to dilute drops of essential oils can bring further benefits, as well. Peppermint oil, though it should be used in great moderation to avoid irritation, invigorates your scalp and is great to add in shampoos to prevent dandruff. Other common essential oils used in homemade hair products are tea trea, lavender, rosemary, geranium, sandalwood, and lemongrass. Of course, no essential oil should be applied without a carrier oil to dilute it, as they are very concentrated and can irritate your skin.

Perform the Curly Girl Method

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Something that is becoming increasingly popular among curly tops is the curly girl method. While there are many elements that make up the entirety of the curly girl hair care routine, the most prominent, known as the plop, takes place directly after your shower. After you’ve washed your hair, the idea is to wrap your hair in a cotton t-shirt in a turban style and then let it dry overnight like that. This increases the volume at your roots, helps maintain curl definition, and reduces frizz. You can also use a microfiber towel, but normal towels have rough textures that will separate your curls, cause damage, and increase frizz. After using the curly girl method, your curls will have dried without being weighed down by their own weight, allowing for tighter coils and greater definition.

Curly hair doesn’t have to be a nightmare. There are many natural methods that will allow you to reduce your frizz and have a more intuitive and less time consuming care routine. If you’ve been struggling to make your curls behave, consider these methods to bring greater health and manageability to your hair.