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Spring is right around the corner and as you start clearing out your winter closet and get ready to pack away those parkas until next year, this is the perfect time to consider updating your upcoming spring wardrobe options. By focusing on spring accessories in particular, you can update your wardrobe and increase your outfit options without buying a ton of new clothes.

Floral Statement Necklaces

Charm Floral Collar Dangle Bib Necklace

In celebration of spring blooms, statement necklaces with flower accents appear to be all the rage this new season. The bigger the necklace, the bigger the statement. Gold hues mixed in with floral embellishments should be particularly popular this season.

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Pom Pom Scarves

Pieces Plaited Knitted Scarf With Pom Pom

Brightly colored scares trimmed with pom pom fringe are bringing a dose of nostalgia from the 1960s to spring fashion this year. While pom pom socks may be a permanent thing of the past, scarves trimmed with these cute little balls can bring a preppy vibe to any spring outfit.

Laser Cut Handbags

Street Level Tooled Saddle Bag in Tan

Laser cut designs in handbags are popping up everywhere in anticipation of spring. Often, you will find prints in different patterns. The most popular laser cut bags tend to have very intricate designs and are substantially made out of leather. You will likely see these laser print bags in a wide variety of bright colors this coming season.

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Tassel Earrings and Necklaces

Boheme Tricolor Tassel Earrings

Tassels are making a comeback so don’t be surprised if you see these necklaces paired with matching earrings flying off the shelves this spring. They are also popping up in a range of colors and are a fun way to accent your outfit this summer. The bright colored tassels pair exceptionally well with mainly white-based outfits.

Chaser Earrings

One of the more delicate trends in jewelry are earrings that seem to chase all the way up around the edge of the ear. Many popular designs are very dainty and add just enough edge to your outfit to make you stand out in a crowd.

Retro Glasses

ASOS Handmade Acetate Chunky Retro Sunglasses

If you wear everyday glasses, or even if you just don sunglasses in the car, a retro style is going to fit into the vibe of this year’s spring accessories. Places everywhere from runways to Marvel Optics online eyeglass store are showing off bold 50’s and 60’s cut frames. Many women’s eyeglass frames are being sold in prints and color as well as plain black.

The Classic Tan Trench Coat

ASOS Classic Trench - Stone

Even though April showers might bring May flowers, no one likes getting stuck in the rain. Not only is the classic tan trench coat a useful accessory in your spring wardrobe, it also brings an element of retro style to any outfit. The classic trench is convenient for traveling and everyday professional wear as well.

Preparing for spring is the perfect time to give your closet a well-deserved upgrade. Any of these trendy accessories would be the perfect addition to your spring wardrobe.