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A staple in every wardrobe, jeans are perfect for hiking, running errands, having brunch, and lounging around the house. Thanks to their versatility, jeans can even be dressed up for special occasions, from business casual affairs to job interviews. Here are four ways jeans can easily be dressed up to fit every style need.

Choose an Opulent Top

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Luxury fabrics can instantly transform an everyday pair of jeans into a look worthy of a fashion magazine cover. A silky blouse or button-up top can dress up denim. Tuck in the top for a more professional look, or let it hang loose for a more casual — yet still upscale — style.

Weather permitting, turtleneck sweaters also give the impression of a person that is well-to-do. When paired with the right shoes and accessories, these high-neck sweaters will give the appearance of a more expensive outfit, perfect for many upscale occasions.

Add a Fitted Jacket

woman in a blazer and denim

The right jacket can make jeans appear more dressy. From blazers to cardigans, a fitted jacket upgrades the look of jeans. Even a leather jacket can take jeans from basic to elaborate.

Jackets are ideal for business casual style. High-end fitted jeans will look highly fashionable with a fitted blazer or a double-breasted peacoat.

Pair Jeans with Dressy Shoes

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A pair of shiny, dress shoes can take jeans from casual to elegant in a pinch. Pair black dress shoes with jeans and upgrade them with elegant accessories for a high-end look. For the ladies, a pair of black pumps can instantly dramatize a pair of jeans.

Black is a neutral color that should be included in every wardrobe, especially when it comes to dress shoes. From oxfords to loafers and from pumps to strappy sandals, the shoe options are endless.

Choose The Right Accessorize

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Once a base outfit has been created around a pair of jeans, dress up the look with accessories. Bring the pieces together by trying scarves, jewelry, belts, and bags. Scarves can create a look of grandeur when paired with the right jacket or top. High-quality belts can give jeans an exclusive appearance. Handbags and jewelry can also update a look.

Jeans can be found in every closet and used as a base for any outfit. Using jeans as a blank canvas allows for the creation of dozens of different styles. From casual looks to more upscale business fashion, jeans are an easy piece to dress up.