no makeup look

The newest trend that majority of celebrities are proud to wear recently is the ‘no makeup’ look. But guess what? To have the “I’m beautiful without the makeup” look you’ll have to invest a lot of effort and a lot of… Makeup. But the benefits are all there since it will enhance your natural beauty while not feeling hard on the skin.  Your skin will also have an easier time breathing and you won’t have to worry about ruining your makeup so much by touching it. If you’re after this kind of look, we’ll show you the easy way how to achieve it.

Wash Your Face

woman washes face with cleansing foam

You’ll want your skin smooth and clean before doing anything else and a gentle soap can go a long way and help you take care of that. Skip the exfoliant though, as it can irritate your skin and bring out the red color, which you’ll want to avoid with this look. You can also go with one of the gentle cleansers to clean your skin and get it ready for the rest of the process.

Concealer is a Big Deal

ysl concealer

Most women think that only those who have perfect skin can wear the no-makeup look. While it’s true that it’s much easier for a great skin to look flawless, you can get very close to it even if you don’t have it by using hydrating, lightweight concealers. Choose the concealer that fits your skin and apply it on any red spots on your face. Do the same beneath your eyes and across your chin, as the idea is to get rid of any discoloration before you apply a moisturizer.

Ditch the Foundation and Go with the Tinted Moisturizer

no makeup

You can be the proud owner of the best foundation in the world, but no matter how good it is you’ll never be able to achieve the ‘no-makeup’ look with it. Instead, use a tinted moisturizer which will enable your skin to show through and really give it that natural look. It’s also great for dry skin, and since it’s more transparent your face will actually be visible through it much more than with foundation. However, if your face really needs more coverage, you might have to go with a lighter foundation in the end.

Put Some Blush on Your Cheeks

blush photo

Don’t default to a powder blush since you’ll be risking to get that cakey look after a while. Cream blushes are much better, especially when it comes to creating to ‘no-makeup’ look. What you want to do is blend it along the apples of the cheeks by gently patting it. Just blend it until your cheeks achieve that subtle color and it will look great. You can also apply some of the cream to your lips if you want to enhance their natural color.


eyebrow photo

When it comes to your eyebrows, you’ll want to avoid having a strong line. If your eyebrows are very light, try to fill the empty spots with a gel. You’ll want them defined but resist the urge to fill them heavily, as it’s the biggest giveaway if you don’t do it correctly. By using a tinted eyebrow gel you’ll make sure to fill your brows with color, keep your brows in their place and most importantly – achieve that natural look.


eyelashes photo

Don’t forego the eyes, since they’ll become the focal point of your face with this look. While it may be enough to just curl the eyelashes for the natural look, most people feel the need for a bit more definition. A thin-wand mascara can get you there, but don’t go for more than two coats for each eye. If you want more though, keep in mind that some celebrities have pulled out the au-naturel look even with mink lashes, which companies such as Lash Blossom wholeheartedly recommend, but it’s all about doing it right.

Don’t Forget the Lips

nude lipstick

Your lips and your smile are extremely important for this look, so always try to add some color to your lips. Tinted balm is a great and natural way to get some shine and color. You’ll want it to complement your natural skin tone, so go for a similar pigment – but the one that will make them look better. Tinted balms will also hydrate your lips and keep them soft for a long time. It’s easy to apply and as long as it fits your natural pigment you should be good to go.


Using makeup doesn’t always have to bring out the makeup heavy look we all see so often. In fact, by using it sparingly we can even enhance our natural beauty and bring out the best of both worlds right in the open. It takes some time and money, since you’ll want to use quality products for this type of look, but it’s far from impossible. By following these easy steps you’ll make sure to appear natural and fresh, as many of today’s celebrities do. Maybe you to have a gene for it, right?

About the author: Chloe Smith is a cycling enthusiast, business consultant, and a part-time writer always willing to share tidbits of advice. She believes that passion, courage and, above all, knowledge breed success.