mother and daughter

There’s nothing quite like the bond between a mother and a daughter. The unconditional love of a mother is priceless. When she gets to share that love and joy with her daughter, she helps her daughter grow into a confident woman who knows she’s loved. If you are a mom who is blessed enough to have a daughter, cultivate the bond through fun rituals like mommy-daughter dates, matching outfits and more. If you decide to adopt the idea of wearing matching attire, consider some of the chic accessories you two can wear.

Matching Necklaces

statement necklace

Many young girls like to purchase ‘best friend’ necklaces that are in the shape of a heart. Each girl keeps one half of the heart to represent the love they share. Mothers and daughters can be best friends with matching ‘best friend’ necklaces.


gold locket

Lockets are timeless and fun pieces for mothers and daughters to wear. Consider wearing a stunning locket brooch for a special occasion like a church service or a wedding. As you two wear lockets with pictures of one another, you’ll be able to open up the lockets and know that someone else is thinking of you.


African woman

If you have a toddler who might lose a locket or break a necklace, consider purchasing matching t-shirts. If you two love going to a particular sports game, get matching jerseys with the names on the back. You two can order matching t-shirts that have a particular saying that’s unique to the two of you (nickname, favorite number, etc.). As you find the right t-shirts, it’s great to include other toddler girl accessories like bows or pretty headbands to the look.


stylish woman

One of the best accessories is a great hat. When you’re having a bad hair day, throw on a warm hat that will look stylish in the colder weather. Purchase a matching hat for your toddler to enjoy as well. This will help you to camouflage the bad hair, look chic and match your little girl. Other outerwear options include gloves and earmuffs. Truthfully, it’s all about getting really creative with your approach.

As you accessorize and have fun with another, remember to take pictures of the outfits and the special memories you two make in those outfits. As you cherish the time you two have together, you’ll look back and be really happy you two cultivated such a strong bond through enjoying the little things like movie nights and matching outfits.