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Punxsutawney Phil may have predicted six more weeks of winter on Groundhog Day, but spring has been popping her head up letting us know she’s just around the corner, quite a bit lately. With the warmer days becoming more frequent, it’s about time to start thinking about tucking away your winter wardrobe and bearing those bright spring colors.

However, unearthing your warmer weather clothes is not enough. You will still need to evaluate your pieces to find some great ways to bring them on trend while still accommodating the temperature fluctuations often associated with the change between seasons. Here are some fantastic ways to make sure your style is flawless while we wave goodbye to winter and say hello to sunshine and good times.

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Very Versatile

Selecting pieces that are versatile is essential to creating a flawless transitional wardrobe. Neutrals, pastels and blush-colored clothing are the ideal base when working your way into spring. Not only are these shades able to work with just about any other hue, but they also act as a great backdrop to show off your custom jewelry. If bright and bold is more your speed, selecting pieces that are light and airy, like chiffon, will prevent your wardrobe from slipping back into winter territory.

Aiming for tops with either 3/4 length or long sleeves is the best option when it comes to being stylish, while still warding off the chill that early spring temperatures tend to bring. Opting for flowy materials or blouses with unique features such as ties or bell sleeves injects the right amount of whimsy into your style selection as the weather begins to warm up. For larger sleeves, accenting your hands with an oversized ring rather than bracelets will make sure that your accessories are not lost in the excess material, so they can be properly appreciated.

Embrace the Layers

Warm one minute, cool the next. With the ever-changing and inconsistent temperature fluctuations this time of year, layers are essential. When layering, you want to select pieces that work in conjunction with your jewelry to elevate your outfit. If your wardrobe is more understated, use larger, eye-catching pieces to make your ensemble stand out.

When working with edgier or more masculine outfit aspects, creating a juxtaposition with something soft and effeminate, like biwa pearls, will provide the perfect balance of soft and sassy. If you want to take your outfit up a notch, layering your jewelry pieces is also a great way to give that pop of spring freshness to your outfit. For layering pieces, try to select at least 3 or 4 different lengths that have at least one similarity to keep the look cohesive, but don’t forget to add some creative pops of color, as well.

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Think Funky

After a long dreary winter, it’s time to toss out drab, dark pieces and embrace all things vibrant, fun and funky. The bigger, the better when it comes to jewelry trends in 2018, and the transition from winter to spring is no exception. Creating custom pieces with bold colors or interesting shapes is the perfect way to make your outfit one to be remembered.

For jackets and blazers, DIY fringe or tassel earrings are the perfect accessories. Aim for a size that gracefully rests near your collarbone for the ideal pop of color. Not only will this length elongate your neck, it will also prevent these gorgeous earrings from becoming lost in the folds of the material. For those times when longer earrings are not ideal, choosing some colorful beaded hoops is a great way to keep your style front-and-center while preventing tangles or snags.

For a more upscale look, chandelier earrings are an amazing option. Just like when picking out fringe earrings, you want to focus on an earring length that hits anywhere from the top of the shoulder to the collarbone. Using gemstones that will catch the light as you move–letting you literally sparkle–will chase any residual winter blues away. Nothing says you’re ready for sunny skies like gleaming and gorgeous wearable works of art.

If you love necklaces, focus on large, chunky pieces to provide that perfect “wow” factor. Large clear, plastic beads are a fantastic way to make a rainy-day outfit feel light and airy. Thick, knotted rope chokers made with cheerful colors like hot pink, sunflower yellow or cobalt blue will make every outfit feel warm-weather ready.

Think Spring

When you think of warmer weather, most people envision beautiful blooms, chirping birds, green grass and sunshine. These are all perfect inspirations to help transition your wardrobe from the chill of winter to the gentle breeze of spring. Add in peppy pastel colors to replace the jewel tones often seen in the cooler months and you will be dressed perfectly to blossom with the flowers.

Floral designs are not only eye-catching, but they can work for almost any occasion. Selecting flowers with unique or interesting shapes, like a Calla Lily or Iris, will not only elevate your outfit, but will also create an excellent conversation piece. If florals are not your cup of tea, using these exceptional shapes as inspiration for an avant-garde necklace will keep you stylish and fresh while letting your creativity take center stage.

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Wrap It Up

No matter the temperatures outside, 2018 is the season to let your muse have free rein when it comes to your jewelry selections. The more quirky and one-of-a-kind your pieces, the more alluring your outfit will be. One fun way to incorporate this idea is by custom-created wire-wrapped jewelry.

By combining a warmer-weather jewelry trend, like bright beading patterns, with beads that flatter your skin tone, you can make the perfect pieces that have a touch of summer all while complementing your style. The more twists, turns and angles, the more visually enticing your jeweled creations will be, making any outfit top-notch.

Final Thoughts

Transitioning your outfit from a thicker, darker winter wardrobe into a sunny springtime-ready look can be easily achieved by doing something as simple as changing up your jewelry. By focusing on bright, airy and happy colors and coupling them with fun, funky pieces, you will breathe new life into your style, making it warm-weather ready.

Remembering to focus on lighter base layers will also prevent your larger pieces from giving your outfit a gaudy or heavy feel. Finding wearable works of art that focus on unusual shapes and patterns, like curves and flowers, will help make sure your outfit is always a hit no matter what.