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Layering is a crucial element in dressing for style, comfort, and for the weather! While some people can feel that layering adds extra girth and can make you look larger if done properly it is the opposite. Layering your clothing in a proper way and emphasize your figure and create an absolutely proportionate look. Layering can also allow a business outfit seem more fun, or a casual outfit seems more put together. It’s important to take the climate and your plan for the day into consideration when dressing. Layering is a great look when you have a day of outdoor activities planned, as it’s merely practical to be able to add and remove pieces as the weather requires. There are some great layering formulas that you can use to create a can’t miss outfit. Read on for some great tips about how to layer and enhance your look!

Start with a Great Base

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When layering keep in mind that your base layers are the most important layers. Make sure that your undergarments are properly fitted so you can start with a clean slate! Then choose your base layers. Layering tees, tanks or thin long sleeve tees are all good starting points depending upon the temperature. Choosing a base layer that is fitted and made with a thin, smooth fabric is key. This allows your other layers to lay smoothly.

Switch Up the Textures

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Layering is a great opportunity to play with colors, textures, and prints, especially if you don’t normally wear many of them. When layering it’s important to choose differing fabrics so that you don’t give the illusion of added weight, which can happen if you use too much of the same fabric, color, or texture. Also, using a color, pattern or texture that is bolder than you usually choose is an excellent layering strategy, because you can soften the look with the other layers. For instance, choose a brightly printed blouse, and you might normally shy away from, but top it with a neutral colored jacket to dilute the boldness of the print.

Shape Up!

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You can use layering to create fun and interesting shapes in your outfits. Using a boyish cardigan over a blouse and skinny jeans can give a boxy shape, but by belting that same outfit, you’ll create a fun, tomboyish look that is fun and flirty. You can also use layering to emphasize your best features. Layering is also convenient when you want to show off some leg or shoulder, but don’t want to give the appearance of being too bare. When you’re wearing a blouse and a sweater, a short shirt seems less daring.


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The full layering look really comes together when you accessorize to the hilt. Bangles, multiple necklaces, and large earrings can bring the whole look together and give it a fun, bohemian flair that otherwise might look like you just threw on one too many pieces. Scarves, ponchos and other outwear should also be a coordinated part of your look. Think about what coat or jacket you’ll put on last, and coordinate your outfit with this piece in mind. Hats, socks, and gloves can also be creative enhancements to your layered look. Socks over tights with boots are a fun yet practical look for fall or winter. A hat and scarf that almost match, topping an oversized man’s coat can give a Diane Keaton in Annie Hall vibe. Layering is the perfect way to execute a quirky look full of personality and sass.

Remember when layering your base pieces are the most important, and don’t be afraid to throw your bombastic pieces into the mix, because layering can help lessen their visual blow. Have fun!

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