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A bulging tummy is always a cause of worry and no matter what you do, it undermines your confidence. Also, it limits your options in clothes. Your main aim should be to shift the focus away from your tummy region. You need to play it down a bit using patterns and drapes. These fixes will help you hide that cruel fat and ma
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Do you feel like your outfits could do with a bit of punch? Sometimes a bit more drama in your style can really finalise your style and give your whole outfit more uniqueness. You don?t need to do anything crazy either in order to create a dramatic effect with your style. Here are five simple ways of adding more drama for
There are some things in life that we all must own and clothing is no different. Wardrobe essentials or staples are a necessity if you want to look good and have items that you can wear over and over again in many different ways. Staple items of clothing are made to last and can be worn hundreds of times with other more hi
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Every season comes with its fashion checklist; the dos and donts. This fall things are not very different; the rules that define the scales of fashion have tipped slightly. This means that if you are not watchful, the fashion cameras can get you on the offside. Becoming a fashion victim is not only embarrassing but can spo
I?m lovin? all the looks in Bebe?s new summer look book, but here?s a few of note-worthy trends I?d like to share with you for the summer season. Don?t be afraid to wear all white this season. It?s the only time of year you can really get away with wearing all white without thinking it?s ?too summery? to wear, cuz well, su
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This is for the teenagers that may read this blog! Some schools have boring school uniforms. How are you supposed to show off your personality and fashion sense when you look like everybody else? Well, you can just by accessorizing! Hair: Try a new do. Wear your hair down in flirty loose waves. Use a curling iron but don?t
The western look is another big trend sneaking its way into Spring 2010. Follow these tips so as to not look like you?re sporting a cowgirl costume for Halloween. 1. Go nude. Not literally. Opt for beige and tan shades like Alessandria Ambrossio?s outfit in the photo. Beige pants, an open tan vest, and throw some white in
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Ahh, the timeless little black dress. Every girl owns at least one of these, if not 2 or 3. I have like, 7. Black always works. You can get away with wearing a black dress to any single event on the planet, honestly, and it will be appropriate, I guarantee it. Black is slimming and flattering for every body type. That bein