peplum dress

A bulging tummy is always a cause of worry and no matter what you do, it undermines your confidence. Also, it limits your options in clothes. Your main aim should be to shift the focus away from your tummy region. You need to play it down a bit using patterns and drapes. These fixes will help you hide that cruel fat and make you look beautiful.

  • Tunics ? Tunics are in and out of fashion. Currently, they are. So, splurge on some nice A-line tunics. You will find a lot of tunic sweaters in the market that have perfect drapes. Long tunics that are a little loose or layered will also do you good. Tunics can be worn with anything ? choose a contrasted skirt or skinny jeans. Try sticking to darker tones because they make you look leaner. If your lower body is on the heavier side then you must stick to blacks and navy blues for the bottoms. Do not wear a belt tightly, just let a cord belt hang loosely on your waist.
  • Empire Waist ? For those of you who do not know what that is, here is a general idea. The top is fitted just below your bust, almost on the bust line. It flows in a straight line or in a drape like manner below your bust. What is does best is to shift the focus away from your tummy. Just make sure that the top is not too fitted because you do not want to be mistaken for a pregnant woman.
  • Banded top ? A banded top usually creates a cylinder like shape, leaving the part from your neckline to your waist hanging loosely. Banded tops have unique neckline with halter straps, noodle straps et al giving the top some flair. The waist is usually elastic and broad. You can wear these tops with jeans or pencil skirts.
  • Dresses ? Wrap dresses top the list because of their ability to hide the tummy inconspicuously. These have been a part of the 70?s fashion and still remain a woman?s best friend. Also, the puff dresses of a certain cut can also be a pretty good option. You need to make sure that the puff starts right where the bust region ends. Do not go for puff dresses that are hugging till the waist line because you don?t want to look like a weightlifter. Tie a nice belt in satin if your dress doesn?t already come with one and you are set to turn heads.
  • Blazers ? Blazers that end just before your waist are a good option. Top a light colored top with a darker blazer so that an inch of the top is visible under the hemline of the blazer. This creates a nice visual contrast and helps in hiding that flab. Blazers that accentuate your curves are always good.

Remember that wearing oversized clothes do not do the trick; in fact, they ruin it. Be sure to stick to the above choices to camoflauge your bulging tummy and you will be all set to look as perfect as you can be.