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Bohemian fashion trends continue to rock the runway with hipster looks that nod to past decades. As fashion evolves each season, there are a few styles that you can incorporate into your wardrobe and have recently been appearing in the industry. To look hip and have a free spirit with your garments, there are a few bohemian accessories that you need this season when you want to turn heads.

Oversized Glasses

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Oversized women’s glasses are chic and stylish for those who want to change their appearance with a bohemian accessory that can be worn to school or the office. You’ll not only improve your vision with the frames but you can also choose eyewear that will look perfect with a nose ring or a bohemian turban. Opt for large frames that are chunky and make a bold statement when they’re worn with your attire. You can also choose round frames that are hippie and unique with their design when shopping for the glasses online.

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Floppy Hat

Dress up your outfit with a floppy hat that was commonly worn in the ’60s and ’70s and continues to look stylish. You can pair the accessory with a crop top and flared jeans or a blouse and a maxi skirt to look feminine with your wardrobe when you’re window shopping or are headed to a party. The floppy hat can also keep the sun out of your face when spending time outdoors and will add a mysterious touch to your style when you want to be bold.

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Fringe Bags

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Fringe bags and backpacks have officially made a comeback for women who want to rock a bohemian style that is carefree and fashionable. There are a variety of different types of fringe bags that are available, which are often slouchy and loose for a relaxed look that isn’t fussy. The fringe detailing on the purse or satchel will allow your appearance to look eclectic to ensure that you draw attention to yourself and feel comfortable with the item as it’s worn throughout the day.

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When you want to enhance your wardrobe and feel confident in the clothes that you wear, there are several accessories to use that will prove to enhance your attire. The right accessories will complete your overall look to ensure that you look trendy from head to toe and can make an impression in both your personal and professional life.