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Most women will have experienced the desperate sink in emotion upon noticing their favourite swimming costume has become too ragged and tatty to wear. Unfortunately in this day and age, we have become such a throw-away nation that many things, including clothes, are no longer built to last.

However, following the tips detailed below will help you when it comes to buying swimwear and making it last a long time, so do not despair.

two piece

Spend more money ? invest in quality

You may not wish to hear it but the truth is, if you spend a greater amount on your swimming costumes, you will (hopefully) be paying for a higher standard of goods. In this way, the quality of material being used to manufacture the costume is greater than usual and therefore the costume should last you a lot longer than if you were to just buy a sales item of the rack in your local high street store.

When people spend more money on items, they tend to take better care of them too, so in this manner you will be more conscious of how much your costume cost you and so treat it with more care. This will then help the costume?s longevity. A better quality of costume will also fit a lot better; therefore flattering your body and making you feel more confident. So you see, advantages all around.

Taking care of your swimsuits after using them

One of the most common contributing factors to the deterioration of swimming costumes is the aftercare. So many people don?t realise (or don?t care) that the majority of chemicals we expose costumes to such as, saltwater, sun cream, chlorine and even sweat, have detrimental effects on swimwear. As such, if you do not wash these chemicals out of your costume straight after wearing them, they are unlikely to go the distance.

Taking good care of your costumes will increase their life expectancy, so each time you take them off after use, you need to rinse them thoroughly with cold water first. After this first rinse, wash them in a warm water/ mild detergent mix and then rinse them thoroughly out with cold water once again. Rinsing with cold water will ensure the elasticity is not lost. If you make sure you do this each time after use, there?s no reason why your costume will not be with you for a very long time.

Don?t just have your focus set on fashion

There are many costumes out there on the market that are stunningly beautiful and look like they?ve just come off the runway. As such, these are extremely popular and often fly off the shelves. However, these types of costume are not really built to last (unless you are paying an extortionate amount). These costumes are not designed to play volleyball in and undergo hours in a chlorine pool or in saltwater. They are designed to look good and really?that is it.

If you want a costume that is going to last, you need to choose wisely and look at their performance rating. In other words check the labels to see if they are advertised as chlorine or saltwater resistant. Suits made from polyester and nylon will be a lot more durable, so keep this in mind when you?re being tempted towards the high fashion costumes. There are a huge number of beautiful swimsuits out there that have been built to endure; you just need to take the time to explore the possibilities.

Author bio: Gemma Sly writes for Freya swimwear. When not writing, she can often be found trying to get that last extra mile out of her swimsuit.


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