Drops, limited editions, collabs, new stores: boutique brands such as Gucci, Supreme, Louis Vuitton and such are hard to track when it comes to their newest pieces. That’s why many with a strong passion for fashion and everything that is trendy are going to buy these from resellers. Here’s what you should know before buying:



Quality check and legit check: two important steps that must be in your mind every single time you are approaching a reseller. In particular when buying shoes such as Balenciaga and Yeezys, being able to check what the conditions of the piece are and if it’s a legit one (replicas are everywhere these days) is your priority.

A great hint would be gathering pieces of information before the actual meeting with the reseller (avoid buying expensive designer pieces from a random online store) so you already have a clear vision of how the piece should look like.

Thrift Shops Are A Gold Mine


Resellers are not just random hypebeasts with a small shop in LA. Sometimes resellers are not even aware of what they are selling: thrift shops are true gold mines. For example, two weeks ago I was able to buy a Gucci Coco Capitan tee (original, double checked with an expert) for £20. The easiest ones to find in these shops are of course the famous Ralph Lauren Oxford Shirts, that could be fluctuating from £5 to 20 at max (their current retail price is £75).

Limited Editions And How To Check

spring colours in clothing

If you are new to the whole designer/hypebeast/streetwear world, then stay away from all the limited edition pieces, unless you clearly know that what you are buying is an actual limited edition one. With semi-drops and limited edition collaborations, everything in mens designer fashion (in particular) has become quite hard to track in terms of “limited editions”, especially with brands like Supreme and OFF-White.

To check that these limited editions are real and not made up, always ask for an originality code since every single one of these pieces has one. It’s also important to consider the fact that a decent amount of these clothes’ price is related to their package, which, if not provided is a valid reason to ask for a discount.

The Yeezy’s Market


Buying Yeezys now is a process that usually relies on resellers, especially if you are buying the old V1s. Since the price for these currently fluctuates around 1500$, it’s important to:

-Know what you should check for a precise QC/LC

-Ask for the package (many replicas are incredibly well made, so it’s kinda hard to state the originality of the product, but the barcode on the box would be an easy proof)

-Ask the reseller about the year in which they were purchased (to check if they are actually brand new)