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While we’ve all been advised not to judge a book by its cover, it is sometimes unavoidable. Deep connections take time. This is why you have to know the most common things that men look at when they meet a woman for the first time.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve talked to the person or even known them on a personal level because the following 6 things are seen by men the moment they set eyes on a woman. Whether you want to befriend a man or want to have a romantic relationship, here’s a list you should read.

Your eyes

brunette with blue eyes

As clichéd as it sounds, your eyes are windows to your soul. They tell the world a lot about who you’re and recent research shows that it could even be predictive of your core personality.

Your eyes can reflect and express your innermost feelings even when you don’t want to say them out loud. They can give away a lie and also show love and compassion. Surveys show that nearly 70% of men pay attention to a woman’s eyes first, and the rest of her features.

If you’re headed out on a date, make sure you apply eyeliner, along with a subtle shade of eyeshadow and a decent coating of your favorite mascara. Also, bear in mind that eye contact is one of the most crucial things you’ll need to maintain if you want the first date to blossom into something more mature.

Your smile

woman beautifully smiling

The best makeup you could wear on your face is a genuine smile. A beautiful and warm smile sends the message that you’re approachable and ready to take things somewhere.

It sends out the signal that you’re happy and have a generally positive outlook on life. Along the same lines, men will also notice your laugh because an open laugh tells a lot about the person.

When you start a conversation with a potential future partner, remember to smile because it will not only make you look a lot more approachable but will also make the person sitting next to you happy and gleeful as well.

Your hair

beautiful wavy hair

The shine and lustrousness of your hair tell a lot about you. Though most women may not be aware of this, your hair is still one of the first things they notice about you. If you thought that you were spending all those hours in the hairdresser’s chair in vain, then think again.

According to a 2003 survey where researchers studied the effect of six different hairstyles including unkempt, short, medium, top bun, disheveled, and long, men prefer a woman with medium to long tresses.

While short hairstyles may come off as manly and updos may look uptight, long hair is sexy to look at. So, the next time you’re on a date, let your hair lose and make sure it looks clean and smells great too.

Your body

slim waist woman

Another thing that a man spots when he first sees you is your body type. While every man has his individual preference where one might like his partner to be petite, and another may appreciate an hour-glass figure, all of them will take a brief look at your body. No matter what you think about it, it’s biology that you cannot change.

While women look for muscular men who can protect them in the times of need, men look for women that have a body shape that they appreciate. Things like your chest, waist, bums, and legs are some of the most common areas where a man’s eyes may wander. If you’d like to accentuate your features, wear a fitted pink leather jacket that’s sure to attract some attention.

Your skin

Young Looking Face Of An Older Woman

Much like your hair, a woman’s skin tells a story about her overall health. Women who drink more water, eat healthy, green vegetables, and are in the habit of exercising will have clear and shiny skin. On the other hand, those who prefer eating fatty fried foods and snacks will have dull skin that may have a lot of acne.

Moreover, making the mistake of hiding your real skin under a thick layer of makeup is a mistake because no matter what you do, you cannot make wrinkles and under eye circles disappear. So, if you want your skin to radiate, and shine, make sure that you drink plenty of water and consume healthy foods.

Your dressing

sequin dress

Finally, a man will almost always notice the way you dress. He will look at your personal style and decide whether or not you took the time to get ready. Your dressing tells a lot about the way you take care of yourself and this, in turn, says a lot about how you feel inside. According to psychologists, the way you dress affects your mood and vice versa.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that a guy won’t notice what you’re wearing on your first date because while they may not seem to care, they will always bring it into account. However, that’s not to say that you need to dress very extravagantly because that’ll just make you look like you were trying too hard. Instead, go for a casual or dressy style that is easy yet flawless and comes naturally to you.

Though there is a range of other things that men notice about a woman the first time they look at her, these are 6 of the most common ones. The next time you’re meeting someone new, keep these in mind and work on them if you can.

Also remember that as long as you’re confident and show yourself as a funny, compassionate woman, any man would be more than lucky to have you as his own.

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