Vacations are meant to be relaxing, so when it comes to fashion, comfort is usually the name of the game. However, comfort and stylishness do not have to be mutually exclusive. If you want to be both comfortable and fashionable on summer vacation, here are some tips.

Take a Multifunctional Cotton Cardigan

Vila Beaton Wrap Kimono Cardigan In Camel

Because it can be tied several different ways to achieve a different look, the cardigan is one of the most versatile wardrobe garments for women. It is soft against the skin, thin enough to keep you cool and long enough to protect you from sunburn and keep you from shivering when the air conditioner is on full blast. Mix and match with solid colors or choose a nice print that can be both dressy and casual.

Try a New Color Scheme

swimwear photo

If you are the person who wears neutral colors all the time, summer is the perfect time to shift gears. Men in bright, unexpected colors like spring green capture quick attention. Summer months are also the perfect time for refreshing head-to-toe white. You can also shift the color game by wearing prints and imagining them as neutrals. Then you can match colors that really bring your prints to life.

Move Beyond Straw Hats for Headwear

summer hat photo

Straw hats tend to be cliché on vacation. To make a bolder statement with your headwear, go for extra-large floppy wide-brim fedoras that have a pop of color. To really impress onlookers, try head wraps made with bright scarfs like those from Paula & Chlo. For men, there are color-coordinated newsboy or golf caps.

Show Some Skin

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Your clothing does not have to be too revealing if you choose to show some skin. Think more subtle nuances to your clothing instead of skimpy garments. Blouses or tops that plunge down the back or fall off the shoulders are sometimes as fashionable and attractive as being scarcely clad.

Choose the Right Foot Gear

Warehouse Metallic Gladiators

No matter what the season, shoes always make the most powerful statement. Summer is known for comfortable espadrilles, sandals and slide-ons. Choose designs that add some stark contrast to your outfits. If you decide on that white outfit, choose a sharp colored gladiator sandal or other sandals with a sleek design.

Comfort should still be your primary guiding factor when choosing the clothes you take on vacation. However, you can still make a signature statement by choosing colors and designs that help you stand out in the crowd. You want to choose items that look like you spent a lot of selection time or money, but only you will know that it was effortless.