Summer fashion is more exciting than just a pair of cut-off shorts and a tank top. The structured ’60s style and the loose ’70s bohemian look have finally coalesced in a way that virtually everyone can wear comfortably. Here are a few fun ways to make the most of this season’s fashions and look cool and breezy no matter the temperature.

Retro Swimsuit

Gossard Retro Swimsuit

These bathing suits are always adorable, but some women worry they look too costume-y. Fortunately, they are now popular enough to be an established mainstream style and have been adapted by many designers to take on a sleeker, modern look. Vintage-style bikinis are hugely flattering since they provide great coverage in the back and over the tops of the thighs. The high waists draw attention to the thinnest part of the figure, and most tops have secure straps and provide excellent support. The one-pieces usually have forgiving ruching in the front.

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Oversized Accessories

ASOS Metallic Gold Oversized Straw Floppy Hat

Your wide-brimmed beachy sun hat can be pulled out of the gardening shed this year, but you don’t have to wear the traditional straw or sun hat to look of-the-moment. A darker color like navy blue or deep plum adds dimension to a typical beach ensemble. Complete your look with the biggest pair of sunglasses you can find. Exaggerated accessories are all the rage right now, so express your joie de vivre with the cutest, kitschiest shades you can find, large beach beg, or for an extra glam pop of color, consider wearing some bright red or neon pink lipstick.

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Take the Beachy Look Anywhere

girl on the beach

The best thing about the festival-fashion trend is that beachwear has been appropriated for everyday life. Brands like Paula & Chlo are designing beach-inspired dresses that would look at home on the boardwalk or at an upscale restaurant. The wild, colorful prints take care of the styling work for you. Just slip on your favorite Grecian sandals and your look is complete.

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Sheer, Long Layers

beach dress

If you decide to add more elements to your outfit, make sure they’re as lightweight as possible, both literally and visually. Translucent scarves and shawls have a breezy effect even in the hottest weather. Skip messy hair products and use scarves to keep your hair off of your forehead and neck. Similarly, longline necklaces look effortless and casual in ways that smaller pieces do not.

Embrace your free spirit with this summer’s colorful, lightweight looks. Every body type looks great in these styles, and the season’s broad color palette allows everyone to find something they like. Fashion-conscious women are ready to stand out and express themselves with clothes that make a statement this season.