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A curling wand improves on a traditional curling iron’s effects to save you time plus update your look. The wand’s varying barrel sizes and temperature settings help you achieve more volume, bounce and curl endurance in less time.

Wands have shot up in popularity because the effortless “beach waves” look and old Hollywood glamour waves are among today’s hottest styles. Small actions will transition you easily from tight, structured curling iron looks into these softer, fuller waves.

Maintain Heat Protection

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Keep doing whatever you have been to protect against heat damage from your curling iron for a wand as well. Heat damage can be irreversible and cause big chops you do not plan. A curling wand’s temperature can rise up to 450 degrees.

Continue to use your current heat protective mists, sprays, and sheens. Apply them just before styling, not after. Follow up with corrective and restorative shampoos and conditioners.

Know Your Hair Type and Optimal Styles

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Start with a small or large wand barrel based on the texture and length of your hair. Also, consider the styles you have in mind. Your current curling irons are perfect measuring sticks to define how your hair responds to different temperatures and roll widths. Easy research on L’ANGE curling wand reviews and hairstylist blogs or websites will lead you to comparisons to people with your hair type.

Invest in Efficiency and Safety


A good curling wand has a prop, titanium barrel, and burn prevention tip. The prop is not only to keep a heated wand from burning surfaces. It also provides a buffer between your scalp and a hot barrel as you or a stylist work hair around it. Titanium barrels provide more curl resilience, particularly for curl-resistant hair types. You may have a clumsy start at first, so you want that nice tip to avoid burning your fingers.

Use Wide-Tooth Combs and Paddle Brushes

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Soft, loose curls from a wand will not adjust well to knots and tangles. Wide-tooth combs work through hair gently to separate strands. Finish that detangling step with a paddle brushing to create a smooth, shiny canvas for curls. Rat Tail combs lift from the root to maximize your finished style.

It is a challenge to transition from what you are used to and what has worked for so long. But these steps will push even beginners from an iron to a wand for curls with a vibrant, attention-grabbing personality.