man wearing a wedding ring

When it comes to picking out the perfect wedding ring, many tend to immediately jump to the bride’s band. The truth is that men care just as much about the band that they’ll be wearing. And, let’s be honest, they’re going to be wearing their wedding band for the rest of their life, so they’re going to want something that they’re proud to look at.

Stainless Steel wedding ring

stainless steel wedding ring

A couple of decades ago pretty much all men’s wedding rings were made of solid gold. They were a simple gold band without any sort of extras to make it stand out from the crowd. More recently, the solid gold band is giving way to various new designs. One of the most popular is the solid stainless steel band. These can come with a solid, smooth design as the traditional gold bands. They can also come with a custom etched edging to make them more intricate and personal.

Tungsten wedding ring

tungsten rings

Tungsten carbide rings. Some rights reserved by boomshackalack

Another popular design on the rise in the world of men’s wedding bands is the black tungsten ring. These are made of solid black tungsten and have a smooth surface. They can be spiced up with various designs on the outlay of the ring. For example, the black tungsten can be surrounded with stainless steel edges or even have a wood interior. These rings tend to blend better and don’t emit such a shine like the gold and stainless steel rings do.

Platinum wedding ring

mens wedding ring

If the price is not much of a problem, then a platinum wedding band can be one of the most unique bands for him. This mirror-shine material is one of the most durable precious metals out there to choose from. This will ensure that he doesn’t do any real damage to his ring. The best part about platinum is that it never loses its shine or luster like other precious metals. This will ensure that his ring shines for the rest of his life.

Palladium wedding ring

palladium wedding ring

Palladium is a popular material that is somewhat similar to platinum but without the large price tag. This material is very durable, which makes it great for the man with an active lifestyle. It’s a very lightweight material and hypoallergenic so you’ll never have to worry about skin irritation.

Finding the right design for your husband’s wedding ring can be a bit of a challenge at first. Each different band material comes with its own varieties of designs. The above four different band kinds and designs should be ones that can help you to start narrowing down your options to find the perfect wedding ring for him.