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Who says people always look boring at work? That?s a lie! You can look absolutely fashionable at work, and can create great impressions really easily. Clothes are never usually the issue, because the market is flooded with a lot of brands that offer trendy work wear options. What bothers most women is the hair! Yes, women are often short of ideas on what to do with their hair, and end up making the same hairstyle everyday. Now, you can break the monotony by choosing from the hairstyle options mentioned below.

The ?Office? Bun


This is the most classic hairstyle for office wear, perfect for women of all age groups. It?s hassle-free, which means that your hands are always free to focus on other things than correcting your hair. Plus, it makes you look stern and authoritative as well! So if you?re at a higher position in the office, do try this style with your formal pant-shirt look, or with A-line skirt and shirt combination.

High Ponytail


If you have long, straight hair, then you can make it look gorgeous with your work wear by making a high ponytail. It is again a hassle-free hairstyle, and makes you look slightly younger too! Plus, you can add nerd-style glasses to complete the look. Play with your rubber-band colors to match with your outfits, which could range from formal one-piece dresses to skirt-shirt or shirt-trouser combinations.

French Plait


Since it starts much higher on the back of your head than the conventional plait, it is neater and easier to maintain. It gives your face a sharp and crisp look, and works well with shirt-skirt or shirt-trouser combinations. It?s actually perfect for those working in the hospitality industry, or for those who have long hours of travel to and from work. Irrespective of the wind, your plait won?t get spoilt.

Spanish Bun


This is a nice twist to break the monotony of the conventional bun. It works nice with people who have an oval-shaped face. Though other women must also not refrain from trying it! You can accessorize this folded-hair style bun with small bobby pins or clips, which can match your outfit. It works well with all formal dressing combinations.

A Different Ponytail!

casual ponytail

Just take thin sections of the frontal section of your head, and twist them around, then stick then behind with a pin, going into your ponytail. Make it a low ponytail, sideways, and you can even use a side parting for more style. In fact, the side-parting ponytail also works well minus the twisted strands from the front.

If nothing else works, go for the messy bun (purposefully!), where you can just let a smart pen do the magic for you! Or if you like buns, then go get some stylish bun pins or holders. And if the summer doesn?t bother you, and your hair is absolutely straight, then you can neatly style it into the half up, half down look as well! This works well for those who want to avoid fringes coming in their way, but like to leave the hair open otherwise.

So try out these styles and bring variety to your office look everyday! Be stylish, and work stylish!

Author bio: Today?s guest post is submitted by Travis finn. He is image consultant and a fashionista. He likes sharing fashion and style tips through his articles. Click here for prom hairdos and other great fashion advice.


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