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Hair loss can affect both men and women in different age categories. Whether your hair loss is the result of old age or a medical condition, there are some effective treatments nowadays that can often reverse this condition and help restore hair growth. Here are four of the top treatment options for effective hair loss recovery.


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This hair restoration therapy involves transplanting hair follicles to different parts of the scalp where hair loss is apparent. Individual hair follicles are usually harvested from the back of the head and transplanted to balding areas. This procedure doesn’t involve surgery or needles and will allow you to return to normal activities without any recovery downtime needed. You also won’t be left with any linear scarring from the procedure.

PRP Therapy

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Platelet rich plasma, or PRP, is a substance that’s made using your own blood and platelets for better results. After a blood draw, a doctor that provides PRP hair therapy services processes the sample to create a natural substance that’s then injected into the areas where hair loss is present. After three to six months of receiving treatment, you should notice considerable hair growth in the areas that were once bald.


Available only for men, this drug works by preventing the formation of a testosterone byproduct known as DHT. This byproduct affects follicles that are sensitive to hormones by shortening their growth phase and prolonging their rest phase, which can exacerbate hair loss. Propecia is often used to treat male pattern hair loss that occurs on the mid-scalp’s anterior and vertex regions. Propecia is sometimes marketed under the generic name finasteride and can usually be obtained with a doctor’s prescription.

Laser Therapy

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With the use of laser technology, hair growth can be restored by strengthening weakened hair follicles with bio-stimulation. Protein synthesis and blood microcirculation are also enhanced with this therapy to further promote the regrowth of hair. Laser therapy treatments can often be completed in as little as 20 minutes with no side effects. A device that emits laser light will be placed around the top of your head to provide comfortable, hands-free treatment.

You don’t necessarily have to live with hair loss, and you may be able to reverse your condition with the right treatment. Exploring different treatment options and getting detailed information on each therapy that’s available will help you make the most informed decisions about your care.