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Boho fashion trend never seizes to amaze us and with every new season it is more colorful, vibrant and diverse. Long ago this trend transcended the boundaries of a subculture and became an unavoidable part of everyone’s style, even if it’s in the smallest degree. Basically, boho style  turned out to be so versatile thanks to the number of different cuts, designs and colors so that anybody can find a piece that suits their taste.

Bohemian tops

crochet boho top

Every age group can find their perfect bohemian style top. For example, crop tops are still trendy and they are the favorite piece for younger generations. Lacey, loose, fitted, with various prints and patterns, crop tops are ideal for adding an interesting twist to a casual outfit. On the other hand, light blouses with wider sleeves or unique designs (regardless of the cut) are already considered boho and are perfect for any age.

Various bottoms styles

When it comes to bottoms, one has a great deal of options to choose from. Denim has also added a bohemian twist, with distressed look and hippy-like details all over. Shorts are also unique in design with lace or tassel details, colorful patterns and loose or high-waisted cuts. Skirts are usually long with A-cut, but even skater ones joined the whole boho trend with new pops of colors and interesting patterns.


white boho fashion

From maxi flowy dresses to pin-up style ones, boho has its ways in this area as well. One can hardly get away with wearing a maxi dress without creating the bohemian image. While these types of dresses are generally considered boho, the usual colors and patterns of the trend can now clearly be seen in other style dresses, these looks should totally be your next fall fashion picks.

Comfy footwear

No matter what your preferred style of shoes is, boho trend is difficult to bypass. While Converse is the ideal shoe for boho trend, other sneakers are enriched with boho details as well. Moreover, summer boots are a big part of the style as well, while regular ankle or knee boots in earthy tones, tassels and even chunky heels are also very popular. During summer, strappy sandals are the go-to footwear, which is also a bohemian staple for any outfit.

Jewelry for personal touch

bohemian jewellery

Accessorizing is a big part of the whole bohemian concept and even though one might not be into the whole trend regarding clothes, there’s absolutely no way to avoid the wonders of boho jewelry. Dainty pieces, crystals, wood, leather, etc. are all part of the boho culture. Also, some great and unique handmade goods can be ordered online or found in stores, which basically is the whole notion of boho trend – being one of a kind.

Other boho accessories

Shoulder bags, totes and beach bags can be completely boho in style or have certain boho-like details, but when one looks at the most popular summer bag trends, it is fairly obvious that boho made it into this area of fashion too. Scarves are more colorful than ever and they are used as a statement piece around the hips, neck or head. One can change up their whole look with just one scarf, what makes this accessory an integral part of one’s wardrobe and overall appearance.

boho chicks

It’s no wonder that boho mania took the world by storm. With a few effective pieces you can easily use clothing and accessories to show off your true personality, present your individuality and creativity. There are no rules that bind this fashion trend and it can be incorporated in both casual and elegant occasions with ease.