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If you love the styles women used to wear in the fifties, and are particularly keen on the iconic ‘pin up’ look, then there are plenty of ways you can incorporate elements of it into your own style of dress. Whether you like wearing figure hugging dresses that create that curvy, hourglass shape or other cute styles like Capri pants with tied shirts, or you prefer to let the style you admire influence your hair and make up, if you do it right it can be a cool, wearable way to reference the past while still looking attractive and modern.

If you want to try out the fifties pin up style, one of the keys is to get the make-up and hair right. Here are some tips to help you adopt this style, whether for one evening or occasion, or to wear every day!



Mid length to long styles were incredibly popular at this time, though if you have shorter hair you can use structured curls to create a cute pin up inspired look. Curls and waves were far more typical of the look than poker straight hair; however the look is always formal and styled rather than wild or messy. Large curls and waves that have been carefully put in place or pinned up create a good fifties look, and as far as accessories go, think scarves or big bold artificial flowers rather than anything overly ornate.

When it comes to colour, bold colours tend to work best, so look for very light blondes, bright orangey reds or black rather than subtler multi tonal highlighted colour styles or mid browns.

Make Up

pin up girl

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The base for a pin up make up style should be flawless and matte, partly because this was the style of the time but also because things like sheer tinted moisturisers simply weren’t around, so skin would be made up with thicker make up that would stop natural freckles from showing through. A cream to powder foundation is a good way to get the base. Avoid bronzer, but do use blush to highlight your cheeks in a similar pink or red to your lips. Lips are the highlight of this make up look, and you have to go bold. Look for high pigment lip colours in bright reds, pinks or oranges, and avoid anything natural or sheer.

With bold lips eyes are usually understated, however you will want good black eyeliner, plenty of black mascara, and a light coloured shadow for your eyelids. Depending on your colouring, you can go with beige, grey, or even a pastel pink, green or blue, but it is the lash line and the lashes themselves that need to really stand out. A darker, complimentary shade of eye shadow can be used in the crease of the eyelid to make eyes appear larger. You may choose to have your eye liner flick out a little at the outer eye to create a ‘cat eye’ effect.

Whether you apply both the hair and make up styles and add fifties dress or simply choose to use one element with more modern styles, this is a style influence you can have lots of fun with, so give it a try!

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