girl on the beach

Although holidays can be relaxing when you are there, it can be stressful shopping and packing for your holidays.  There is so much stuff to think about, especially if you need to pack for the kids too. We have put together a list of summer essentials that are a must for your summer holidays. Make sure you prepare your own checklist, so you don’t forget anything.

A Bag for the Beach

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Just because you are only going to the beach doesn’t mean that you can’t be stylish as well as practical.  You can get some fantastic beach bags these days. They of course need to be big enough to be able to hold all of your beach essentials with ease, and to be durable to make sure it doesn’t get affected too much by the sand and sea water.  All the while, you can still make it look great!

A Great Pair of Shades

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Of course, you need some fantastic sunglasses to wear on holiday.  They will keep the glare of the sun from getting to you, but also – you want to look cool.  You don’t need to splash out on Ray-Bans or other designer shades, you can get some great bargains and enjoy the exact same effect.

A Flattering Bikini

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This can be the item that will cause the most stress when packing, and shopping for holiday clothes for that matter.  It can be difficult to find one that you feel comfortable in, but there is usually a go to bikini or swimsuit that you should always bring with you. That way you can chill out by the pool or on the beach and feel and look fantastic.  The most important thing is that you feel good in it.

Some Comfortable Sandals

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Comfortable sandals are essential when it comes to going on holiday.  You can team them with shorts and t-shirt for the casual approach if you are going out for the day – or if you are going out for a night on the tiles, you can pair them with a great stylish outfit for a fashionable look. A great boutique to check out is Firefly and Lilies who have some great sandals on their site that would be perfect for your summer adventures.  Make sure that they are comfortable in case you want to go for a long walk or for sightseeing.

A Dress for Day and Night

woman on the beach

We all have that one dress that can be casual or else dressed up.  If not, it should definitely be on your shopping list.  Ideally it will be comfortable but look great. It should also have light material, so you don’t get too warm during the day.  At night, you can match it up with some great accessories such as some glam jewellery or shoes.

Now you have a list of the summer essentials in terms of clothing, make sure that you get packing!