studio apartment

Living alone in your own studio apartment is the best. There is no one there to bother you, you can do whatever you want and whenever you want, and most importantly, you can decorate it any way you desire. If you want a glamorous look but think that achieving it in a small flat is difficult, you are wrong. Take a look at our tips on how to glam up your place without spending a lot.

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Wall colour

Seeing as how your bedroom, kitchen, and living room are all basically the same room, you should not go overboard with the colours. Decide on a neutral palette that you can incorporate in every part of the space. You can, however, opt for a statement wall in a dark colour or put up a wallpaper with an extravagant print to make the apartment look glamorous. Another option you can go with is glossy paint which can reflect the light and make your space appear bigger and classier.

Lighting solutions

Natural light is always the best, so if you have big, maybe even floor-to-ceiling windows, all you need is some sheer curtains and your place will be well-illuminated. On the other hand, if your windows do not provide you with enough sunlight, you should go for some useful but fancy-looking fixtures. For the living room part of your apartment, you can go for a luxurious chandelier. You can find one that fits your needs in local shops, at garage sales or online. Don’t forget overhead and task lighting in the kitchen area. You can opt for a reading light or an overhead one with a dimmer for the sleeping area. Make sure that the look of the fixtures matches the rest of the accessories you opt for.


We all know that accents are the most important factors in achieving a certain look. For example, you can introduce gold details into your space. You can buy new tables with gold legs, opt for gold lamps, repaint some old furniture pieces to fit in better – the options are practically endless. Textures are pivotal as well. Having cute, velvet pillows will add to the cosiness while soft, patterned throws will elevate the look of your apartment. Mirrors and artwork can also be used to glam up the space, especially if you find the right frames and put them in the right place.


Even people living in huge houses have storage problems, so don’t be upset when you realise that you can’t fit everything into your studio apartment. Here, the best option is going with chic modular furniture that can have multiple purposes. If your flat is really small and you don’t have separate living and sleeping areas, go for a couch that can also be a bed. This way, your guests will have somewhere to sit and you can just roll it out when you feel like sleeping. These types of sofas usually come with storage underneath so you can keep your linens, pillows and covers there during the day. Similar to this, there are also cute and stylish ottomans that can be used as storage space. When it comes to your clothes, a sliding door closet would be the best as it looks elegant and it can make the space feel bigger if it has mirrors on the doors. For the books, trinkets and other decoration, you can opt for sleek or ornate bookshelves that do not take up much space but bring a touch of style to the apartment.

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Bathroom décor

In a studio apartment, the bathroom is the only room that is separated from the rest, which gives you the opportunity to use a different colour scheme if you wish. Here you can go for tiles, waterproof paint or patterned wallpapers. If you can’t afford to change all of the elements in the bathroom, changing just the colour palette can go a long way. Try to contrast the fixtures with the walls; a darker vanity will look amazing against a bright wall, and vice versa. You can also buy bathroom supplies if you want to really glam it up. Finding matching towel racks, light fixtures, faucets, toilet roll holders, and mirror frames will elevate the entire look of the room. You can also go for the gold, but rose gold and chrome are also popular options. When it comes to the shape, they can be sleek and elegant or lavish with an intricate design. Fluffy towels and a soft rug will add a bit of warmth to the space.


No space can look glamorous if it is cluttered. Make sure to keep everything in place and tidy up after yourself every time, especially when it comes to the kitchen. Keep the counters clean and put the pots, pans and utensils back in their place, maybe on some gold racks. Make your bed every morning, put away your clothes and avoid hoarding stuff.

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As you can see, there is no need to spend a lot of money to make your apartment more glamorous. All you need is some details that can elevate the look of the whole space and you don’t even have to get them all at once, but you can introduce them in phases. In addition, remember to keep everything neat.