woman in a christmas dress

When you are done buying Christmas presents for everyone, then you will have to deal with the very complicated matter of finding the right Christmas outfit for yourself. It is just like deciding which dress you would wear to a wedding. There are a few factors that can help you decide the perfect dress for Christmas. Christmas at home and Christmas at your friend’s house are two different places, and you must dress accordingly.

So where you will be spending Christmas should affect your dress selection. Another thing to keep in mind is although everyone loves to wear the Christmas colors of green and red, it’s better if you incorporate them in your look in a subtle way.

Here are five dresses that you can try this Christmas:

  1. The Glamorous Dress

woman in a sequin dress

The perfect Christmas party look cannot be imagined without some glitter. There are so many dress ideas when it comes to the glamorous look. Let your love for the glam decide the ideal dress for you for the Christmas party. Pair a sleeveless gold dress with a golden pair of heels and matching accessories if you want all the attention to yourself at the party. If you want to avoid extra sparkle, you can go for a muted metallic dress. Buy one in a classic shape and wear it with your favorite heels.

If dresses aren’t your thing, you can get a glam gold skirt (red if you want to give off strong Christmas vibes) and pair it with an embroidered or embellished top. A glittery skirt with a black top is also a pretty good choice for Christmas. Don’t forget to add plenty of accessories for the perfect glam look.

  1. The Plaid Outfit

woman in a plaid skirt

You can’t get through winter without a plaid dress. You must have a couple of plaid items in your wardrobe for winter. Plaid coats and scarves can improve the look of any outfit. Who says you can’t rock a plaid look on Christmas? It’s the perfect choice for the holiday season. A simple red plaid shirt over black jeans is the ideal option when you are hosting a few friends on Christmas and want to be comfortable in your clothes.

If you are planning to wear a plain white or black top on Christmas, then adding a plaid scarf or a plaid coat can work like magic. You can also wear a plaid skirt with a plain red shirt and knee-length boots and step out on Christmas looking like a movie star!

  1. The Red Dress

woman in a red christmas dress

If all the cute dresses at the clothing store fail to impress you, you can rely on the good old red dress to be your savior. But since it’s Christmas, you can’t get away with just a simple dress. You have to know exactly what kind of red dress would work for Christmas and which accessories can add to the beauty of that dress. If you want to keep it simple, then you can pair a simple red dress with a knitted winter shawl, a pair of sunglasses, and a gold bracelet.

A floor-length red gown that’s full of embellishments is a complete package that doesn’t even require accessories and is an excellent choice for Christmas parties that you will be attending with your significant other.

There are plenty of ways to incorporate red in your Christmas look without having to wear a red dress. A red sweater worn over black jeans is the perfect look for the Christmas dinner at your grandma’s house. If you are going for a more party-friendly look, then a romantic red blouse paired with slim-cut trousers and flats will do the trick.

  1. The Black Outfit

woman in a black dress

When in doubt, go back to black. For the holiday look, choose a cocktail mini black dress and pair it with block heels. This dress is perfect for a Christmas party with your girlfriends that will involve a lot of dancing. For a sophisticated look, you can replace the cocktail dress with a stylish black top and plain black pants. Both silver and golden accessories can work with this look.

  1. The Velvet Dress

woman in velvet

Velvet and winter go hand-in-hand. A velvet dress with velvet ankle booties is a good way to be a little different from the crowd this Christmas. If you want to combine velvet and the Christmas feels, then a green velvet choker top with black or dark blue denim will be the perfect combination.

Now that you have a few dress ideas, choosing one for yourself might become easier. Whichever dress you go for this Christmas, wear it with confidence, and no one will look prettier than you!