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The art of gifting isn’t as difficult as it is made out to be. Especially when it comes to men. It doesn’t even have to be decked up with frilly wrappers and a large bow and a personalized card. They’ll be just as happy to find an unwrapped gift, as otherwise. They get the sentiment. Which is what makes men worthy of some awesome gift hampers.

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Not your clichéd clothing, shoes or worst, “You’re My Superhero” stuff, but the kind of stuff that is guaranteed to make them truly happy. Allow us to give you five most impressive and the most “men” gift hampers.

1)   Golf crate


Women will never understand why men love this sport. Hell, most non-golfers don’t understand why men love golf. But, who cares? What matters is that the man loves it, and you’re gifting him something that makes him love golf (and you too, dummy) all the more. You can include a set of 3 golf balls, a towel, a golf hat, a set of 6 tees, 2 ball markers and a divot tool. And of course, the final cherry on the golf cake- a bottle of champagne. Because, every classy game needs a classy drink.

2)   Personalized barware kit

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Happy are the men who know their drinks, happier are those men who know how to make their drinks. In all truth, men who have acquired a refined taste for alcohol over the years are quite the bartender at heart. Throw in some pint glasses, fancy coasters, assorted bottle openers and scales, a bartender’s black book and his favorite snacks, and watch The Incredible Bartender unfold right before your eyes. And, just to make the gift a whole lot sweeter, you can have each of the contents laser etched with the name of the man in question.

3)   Movie night hamper

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There’s a movie for every man, which in turn means that there’s a movie night for every man, which in turn means that there’s a movie hamper for every man. And how easy it is to make! The perfect move hamper can include collector’s edition DVDs of his favorite movie, tubs of popcorn in every flavor, movie posters, flavored almonds, and of course, a six pack beer.

4)   Shaving care kit


This shaving hamper takes everything your man knows/knew about shaving and re-defines it. Or, let’s just say, transports him back to a time where heavy macho stuff was in and minimalism was certainly out. Pack this old-school slash somewhat vintage shaving hamper with a badger brush, a heavy chrome razor and multiple chrome blades, a vintage barber’s comb, shave towel, pre-shave oil, face soap, pomade, aftershave and aftershave salve. If this kit doesn?t make a man find himself staring back at a handsome beast in the mirror, we don’t know (and we certainly don’t care) what will.

5)   Gamer’s kit

gamers kit

When you can’t do anything about something, it is best to just accept that something. The same goes for men with an inexplicable love for video games. The pro gamer gift hamper should aid the gamer in three areas- sound, controls and energy. For the sounds, you can add sleek pair of headphones that make the men feel like the best that Navy Seals ever produced. And of course, it should be compatible with XBOX, PlayStation, PC as well as mobile gaming systems. Next is the XBOX, PlayStation Controller mod, because well, controls are everything. And lastly, a life-saving reserve of energy that includes Red Bull, Pretzels, beef Jerky and some gummies. Because, as virtual as it may be, fighting for the military, or even playing a football match, is sure as hell very taxing.

Author bio: This post was written by Kristy Walters; she works for an established company delivering personalized gift hampers such as Christmas hampers to people. She enjoys her work thoroughly and when she has free time, she indulges in reading and cooking.


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