As the holiday season starts to roll around again, you’re probably starting to dread gift shopping. It can seem like a difficult task when you don’t feel creative. You want to get your loved ones things they’ll enjoy, but you just have a hard time coming up with anything. Here are some helpful tips that can bring out the hidden creativity in you.

Write Down What They Like

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One of the reasons that you believe others are so creative when gift-giving is because their gifts are customized to the recipient. While you may think at first that you just have no idea what to do, that’s not true. Spend a few moments writing down things you know the person likes as well as their habits and hobbies. Before you know it, you’ll have many potential options for gifts to buy that will be creative and specific to your recipient.

Create a Gift Crate

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One of the easiest ways to help alleviate the pressure on yourself to get a good gift is to simply get multiple. There are various women gift crates that are specially created for the women in your life. You can opt for buying a premade gift crates at the store or you can create your own. Pick small gifts that you know they enjoy, like their favorite candy bar, a book they’ve mentioned wanting to read, and supplies for an art project you know they enjoy. Put them all in one decorative crate as a gift. This way, it’s very likely that at least a few of the items inside, if not all of it.

Feed Them

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If you’re really drawing a blank when it comes to getting a gift for a loved one, food is always a good fallback. Most everyone has a few foods or treats that they love but don’t get to indulge in often, so make that the focus of your gift. Opt for a food-filled basket. You can use your creativity to theme the basket for something like an at-home date night or a barbeque.

Get Online

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In this digital age, you have creativity at your fingertips. Get online and search for different variations of gift terms. For example, the best gifts for mothers or gifts for one-year-olds. Spend some time looking through the suggestions and we’re sure you’ll find a few things that pique your interests. Try looking at various websites to give yourself a plethora of ideas.

Giving a creative gift doesn’t have to be too hard. The above four tips will get you off to a great start. We’re sure you’ll come up with many more ways to make your gift seem personalized and creative.