The gentle, muted sound of the waves, the call of seagulls and the salty stickiness of the air can only mean one thing. It?s beach day! For most of us, a trip to the beach is not as simple as walking outside. Being careless can mean if you forget something at home, you are out of luck for the day. Devise a foolproof checklist that works for you and be sure to remember these beach outfit essentials.

A great swimsuit

Bikini on Caladesi Island beach

What type of beach-goer are you? The active type who prefers to splash in the waves chasing a Frisbee or do you like to take it easy under the shade of a beach umbrella enjoying the company of a good book or magazine? Find a piece of swimwear that caters to your activities, as well as your body type. Halter tops, clasp closures, drawstrings, and strapless tops are all parts of trendy and fashionable swimsuits. The one-piece suit also made a fantastic comeback this summer with a new spin on an old favorite. With all the choices available, particularly from online retailers like www.brazilian-bikinis.org, it is becoming easier to find a suit that?s both body and beach friendly.



Sunscreen should be a no-brainer. Be kind to your skin ? it is your greatest accessory! Doctors recommend an SPF of at least 30 to shield your skin from those harmful UV rays, although with increasing awareness about skin protection and premature aging, SPF 50 is becoming the new 30. A few companies, like Australian Gold, have built-in bronzers in their products, including the ones with higher SPFs. With all the sand and water around, it is essential to reapply, and not just once! Check the instructions on the product label for reapplication recommendations.

A chic cover-up

Diane von Furstenberg cover up

Sarongs, tunics, rompers or even a shirt and cutoffs combo are necessary to any beach outfit. Sometimes we just aren?t in the mood to bare it all. Relax in the ocean breeze or take your swimwear from on-the-sand to beachside cocktails in just a moment. Sarongs also come with bonus uses. They can double as a towel or use them to brush off sand. Breathable and flowing fabrics work nicely with the warmer temperatures and allow for faster drying time.


Tom Ford Carrie sunglasses

Ah, the sunscreen for your eyes. Just like the rest of your skin, your eyes are affected by damaging UV rays as well. Protect your corneas with some aviators. Ward off tiny wrinkles in the delicate skin surrounding your eyes with an oversized pair. Find a pair you love, but also a pair you will not mind getting sand in. If you do go in the water, leave the most expensive pairs behind. That wave that claimed your top could wash away your shades, too.


Steve Madden thong sandals

Sure, any old pair of flip-flops will do. They?ll protect your feet from the hot sand and the inevitable splinter from the boardwalk, but do you really want to parade your college shower shoes around? There are lots of beach appropriate sandal choices that aren?t made of spongy plastic. Cork bottoms and woven natural fibers are excellent alternatives. Add a fun print or color, and you?ve got the perfect beach sandals to go with your chic cover-up.

Waterproof Mascara/ Hair Spray


Yep, that?s right, makeup at the beach. Makeup artists say never to skip your moisturizer or, you guessed it, mascara. It takes less than a minute to apply, makes a big difference, and a waterproof formula will keep it on your face. Also important to remember is UV protection for your hair. Especially if your hair is dry or color-treated; a protective hair spray should be part of your beach routine. These two quick and easy treatments round out your beach look!

A Beach Tote to put it all in

Careshive beach bag

A beach bag is necessary for your belongings. Just like any good accessory, there?s a lot to choose from. Totes come in sorts of materials and colors, but the size and the shape are usually about the same. Natural woven fibers, plastic resembling raingear, canvas and nylon are a few of the more popular types. Find one with an interesting design or decorative addition to make it stand out as yours.

Take this list, grab a towel and some friends, and you are ready for the beach!

The writer, Rebecca Short, is an experienced fashion blogger who endeavors to make sure friends and family are always set for any season or any occasion. She especially enjoys going out to the beach and always having the best in swimwear. To learn more about Rebecca you can visit on Google+.