woman in a navy blazer

The smart-casual style is one that has been difficult to pin down for many of us because it tends to change depending on the season and location. For example, the climate of Atlanta in the Deep South will not give you the chance to wear exactly the same as somebody living in New York. In general, smart casual is seen as a pair of dark jeans worn with a more formal blazer, shirt, and leather shoes.

A Formal Blazer

pastel blazer

Going for the smart casual style means you can look to include a formal blazer or suit jacket in your closet. This can be teamed with jeans to cross over between the more formal options on offer in your closet along with a casual pair of jeans. The use of a formal blazer tends to give the impression you are looking to do business while still being able to have fun and enjoy your life as you wear your more casual jeans.

Leather Dress Shoes

When you are looking to perfect the smart casual style we see on the streets of major cities every day, you need to team a pair of black dress shoes with jeans. The eternal question facing us is what color shoes are the best option to team with jeans and a formal blazer. Some city institutions have recently banned brown dress shoes from their trading floors, but many men believe these add a little more fun to a smart-casual outfit. Smart casual does not mean we become too casual and team a formal blazer and jeans with a pair of flip flops or aging sneakers.

T-shirts Are a Must

woman in a white tshirt

When you are looking to create the perfect smart-casual style you do not want to wear the same clothes every day. The general smart-casual look includes a shirt beneath a blazer but this can be replaced with a stylish t-shirt that can dress down the look a little more if you are unsure of the formality of the situation.

Chinos Provide a Good Change

Do you really want to wear jeans every day? My answer would be no to that question and I believe most of us would answer in the same way. To mix up your style a little add a pair of chinos to your closet to make sure you are not always dressing exactly the same each day. A pair of chinos will usually allow you to change your style a little for more formal occasions.