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When you look in the mirror, you want to see a set of pearly white teeth. For some people, it’s an easy task to accomplish as their teeth stay white no matter what. Yet, most people aren’t like that and popular beverages like coffee, tea, and soda will turn their teeth yellow. There are a few natural options for getting your teeth white that don’t take a lot of time and effort.

Clean with Charcoal

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This might seem like the opposite of making your teeth white, but if you make a paste with crushed charcoal, then you will see a difference in the color of your teeth. You don’t need a lot of charcoal to make the paste. You can add a few drops of mint oil for flavor. Apply the paste to your teeth with your fingers or a toothbrush that you’re not going to use again. Wait about 10 minutes, and rinse your mouth thoroughly with mouthwash and water. The abrasive features of the charcoal will get rid of the yellow stains on your teeth.

Brighten with Baking Soda

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You’ve probably heard that baking soda and peroxide are a good combination for an everyday toothpaste. The combination also works to get rid of stains on your teeth. Swish with peroxide before brushing so that the bubbles in the liquid can start working as soon as possible.

Brush with Coconut Oil

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After you brush your teeth, you might use a standard mouthwash. Instead, use a teaspoon of coconut oil to rinse with. Coconut oil will pull the stain particles from your teeth, leaving you with a set of pearly whites that also smells like a tropical paradise. You can also add a small amount of the oil to your toothpaste when you’re brushing so that you get even coverage on all your teeth.

Clean Your Teeth with Citrus

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Citrus fruits, like lemons and oranges, have several antibacterial and cleaning properties. The acid content will pull the stains from your teeth. When you use citrus fruits, you might notice a difference in how your breath smells as well. This is a solution that you can try if you need a quick whitening.

White teeth can easily be accomplished using a few different techniques. If you don’t have success using a natural remedy, then consider visiting a dentist who has stronger products that can work. Once your teeth are white, it’s important to keep them that way by regular brushing and flossing.