The final choice of a wedding ring will boil down to a complex mix of lifestyle, personal choice, personality and a hoard of outside factors. When choosing your wedding band you will feel overwhelmed by the wide variety of rings that you will get at the jewelry shop. When you set off to get your wedding ring, you should ha
We simply cannot resist from peeking into our favorite celebrities’ lives from time to time. Especially when it comes to such an important occasion as the wedding day. We always tend to think that A-listers do everything better: they dress nicer, party wilder and have more romantic love experiences. And that is not alway
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It is a thrilling thing for most girls when they are given an engagement ring (and accept it!). You get to be the envy of your friends as you show off your sparkly diamonds, and of course there is the excitement of planning your wedding to look forward to too! However, one thing not a lot of women notice straight away as t
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