woman in a work dress
As the temperature’s heating up, many of us have already packed away our winter sweaters and have begun preparations for those hot sunny days we’ve missed so dearly. Now, women hate picking out work clothes every day because it’s an absolute nightmare and they obviously hate repeating clothes yet they are always inde
As the chillier months gradually start to move in we lose that bronze glow as we pile on more and more layers. Yet when it?s time to shed off some clothes and slip into a lovely cocktail dress, or even throw that bikini on for a hot tub dip, our warm radiant tan has turned into more of a pale illuminating shine. Even as th
The gentle, muted sound of the waves, the call of seagulls and the salty stickiness of the air can only mean one thing. It?s beach day! For most of us, a trip to the beach is not as simple as walking outside. Being careless can mean if you forget something at home, you are out of luck for the day. Devise a foolproof checkl
statement necklace
The holiday is right around the corner so now is the perfect time to start looking for some great jewellery for yourself. And who does not love jewellery? Hey you gotta accessorize those beach dresses somehow! Check out these gorgeous necklaces that will tempt you to keep them for yourself. Chunky necklace Jewellery is no
panama hat
Panama hats were worn by some of the most famous men in history, including the likes of Al Capone, Ernest Hemingway and Winston Churchill and many others Traditionally made in Ecuador, the Panama hat is a stylish headgear that is originally woven from palm fiber. It was considered as a status symbol for men since decades.
party music
Everyone looks forward to summer. It is the one season of the year that you can kick back and be lazy, and it’s also a perfect time to simply enjoy the great outdoors, whether you love the parks and mountains or the beaches. Summer is also the ideal season for having get-togethers with friends and family, and for thr
two piece
Most women will have experienced the desperate sink in emotion upon noticing their favourite swimming costume has become too ragged and tatty to wear. Unfortunately in this day and age, we have become such a throw-away nation that many things, including clothes, are no longer built to last. However, following the tips deta
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