bride, bridesmaids and their shoes

An invitation to participate in a bridal party is exciting because this gesture means that the bride considers you one of her closest relatives or friends. An enthralling position it is to stand next to your loved one on her wedding day. However, before you walk down the aisle, you’ll have some tasks to attend to, and one of them involves matching your shoes to the dress.

Talk to the Bride

short wedding dress

Before you make any purchases, you should talk to the bride. Some brides will tell you that they just want you to feel comfortable as you dance the night away. Others will have a specific color or even a specific shoe that they want you to wear. In fact, some brides may require that you wear a certain style, such as heels. Don’t blow money on shoes until you know what the bride wants.

Try on with the Dress


Once you’ve determined how the bride would like you to style yourself, you should match the shoes to the dress at a fitting, especially if you are getting a custom gown. In other words, you may want to bring swatches of shoes with you to a dress fitting, or you might want to check out a selection of shoes at the dress store. When you’re looking for the perfect match, it’s difficult to do so by looking at colors online only.

Dye Your Shoes

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Another popular option is to dye your shoes. Just as brides and their bridal party members can choose custom dresses, so can you choose custom shoes. For example, you might have the shoes dyed to match the color of the dress at the bride’s request. You may also simply have the shoes dyed to the perfect shade. Keep in mind that you must find a reputable entity to perform this work as you don’t want the dye from the shoes bleeding all over your gown.

Know Matching Colors

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When it comes to matching your bridesmaid’s dress to your bridesmaid’s shoes, you simply need to know what colors match with one another. For example, a blue gown and black shoes typically do not go with one another. Too many wild and bold colors, such as hot pink and hot orange, might clash. Put your usual matching skills to use in this scenario as well.

Wearing a bridesmaid’s dress is certainly exciting, and you get to deck yourself in a stunning gown. But don’t forget to find the right shoes to match!

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