man with long hair

It generally takes more time and effort to care for long hair compared to the buzz cut that you may have had in the past. The good news is that once you get into a routine, it should be easier to care for your long hair. Here are a few tips that can help you effectively grow out and maintain your hair today and in the future.

You Will Need to Trim It Occasionally

Although your goal is to grow your hair as long as possible, it is necessary to trim around your ears and near your eyes. It may also be a good idea to cut your hair every so often to avoid getting split ends. Over time, hair can be damaged by warm water, humid weather or the use of hair care products.

Keep the Washing to a Minimum

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While you still want to take a shower each day, it may not be a good idea to wash your hair each time that you shower. Ideally, you will wash your hair about two or three times a week. Make sure to use shampoo and conditioner that is right for your hair type.

Use a Brush Designed for Men with Long Hair

As your hair gets longer, it will be necessary to brush it more often. This will prevent it from tangling or clumping, and it can make it easier to get rid of bedhead or hat hair if you need to get to work or another formal event quickly. Make sure that the brush has soft bristles that won’t damage the scalp or the hair follicles themselves.

How to Prevent Clogging a Drain

long hair man photo

Each time that you wash or brush your hair, it is possible that loose hairs will fall into the drain. Over time, this could result in the drain running slower or clogging entirely. To keep your drains free from clogs, be sure to snake them regularly or use products designed to trap hair before it goes into the drain. If necessary, call for professional drain cleaning services to solve the problem in a timely manner.

While long hair can look good on a man, it also means spending more time learning how to brush and wash it correctly. It may also mean more time spent taking care of your drains. However, with some basic foresight, you can have the look that you want without a lot of aggravation.