girl in a red dress
Do you feel like your outfits could do with a bit of punch? Sometimes a bit more drama in your style can really finalise your style and give your whole outfit more uniqueness. You don?t need to do anything crazy either in order to create a dramatic effect with your style. Here are five simple ways of adding more drama for
There are some things in life that we all must own and clothing is no different. Wardrobe essentials or staples are a necessity if you want to look good and have items that you can wear over and over again in many different ways. Staple items of clothing are made to last and can be worn hundreds of times with other more hi
red lip and LBD
Ahh, the timeless little black dress. Every girl owns at least one of these, if not 2 or 3. I have like, 7. Black always works. You can get away with wearing a black dress to any single event on the planet, honestly, and it will be appropriate, I guarantee it. Black is slimming and flattering for every body type. That bein
girl party
Are you bored of your clothes collection but don?t have the money to splash out on new things to wear? This is a common problem, and many of your friends will be feeling the same way! So don?t despair, the perfect solution for you all is to arrange a clothes-swapping party. You will all come away with new (to you!) items o