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The holiday is right around the corner so now is the perfect time to start looking for some great jewellery for yourself. And who does not love jewellery? Hey you gotta accessorize those beach dresses somehow! Check out these gorgeous necklaces that will tempt you to keep them for yourself. Chunky necklace Jewellery is no
You saved a bundle ordering glasses online, after carefully choosing the right frame style and size for your face. Now your glasses have arrived in the mail. For most customers there will be no need to adjust the fit. However, for those who order a pair of glasses that need a little adjustment, we have a handy infographics
I am not entirely sure when it happened but it seems to me that we have become rather drab. Either the fear of standing out has become endemic or we have slowly slipped into shabbiness at the hands of the fashion retailers. Either way I see more and more people of all ages in faceless shades of grey, sagging open knit jump
Most drivers probably know deep down that there are certain types of shoes that they should not wear when behind the wheel of a car but that knowledge doesn’t seem to be stopping many drivers from sporting dangerous attire. The wrong footwear can be extremely dangerous and if you don’t know what shoes you shoul
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Few jewelry components provide you with the variety of shape and material that beads can offer you. With an assortment of bead bracelets, necklaces and earrings, you’ll have an endless number of ways to accessorize any outfit for any occasion. Start with a few favorites and add to your collection from jewelry makers
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What a woman wears says a lot about her. This includes her clothes as well as her jewelry. While there are a lot of very nice traditional pieces, such as simple chains with pendants, strands of pearls or faux pearls, or small refined earrings; often times people look for a little more flair in their women’s jewelry,
This Summer, we?ll be seeing a lot of peplums, with the look appearing on tops, dresses, and suits. The overskirt idea, which can use different frills and sizes, makes peplums something that can be combined with a lot of different outfits, and can be an ideal way to layer your clothes during warmer weather. Why, then, have
When buying makeup online it pays to be careful and consult the ingredients just as you would with a box of cookies or jam for the overall calorie content prior to buying. The same goes for cosmetics, make it a habit to investigate every ingredient that is listed on the beauty product that you purchase. That said it is imp