boho girl
We love our boho and aren’t afraid to admit it! Trends come and go but commitment to style, exciting elegance and thrilling cuts will forever be a staple of good taste. For all the girly girls out there or other chicks that are finally deciding to show their softer, dreamy side, boho is the style to embrace, especially d
Summer is your time to shine and recent years have had new highlighting powders launched every week, foundations formulated to dry down to a dewy finish, and perfect match tones to help your look along. Luckily, makeup isn’t your only help for getting a great glow going. If you want to go makeup-free this summer, here ar
When rocking a new set of glasses, it’s easy to feel like your most gorgeous features are hidden behind thick frames, and without the proper makeup techniques, sometimes they can be! But don’t fret, beautiful. With these helpful hints, your eyes will be popping and your glasses will simply be a cute accessory to your l
creams for winter
During the winter months, your skin can suffer as a result of reduced humidity and dry air. You may notice that your previously smooth hands have morphed into skin that is dry and cracked. If you are prone to dry skin in the winter, there is natural help available to you. You don’t have to resort to buying bottles and bo
Emily DiDonato teeth
How come we never see in the magazines the secret behind the perfect teeth of celebrities like Anne Hathaway and Kim Kardashian? All we see are them rockin? those perfectly white and fabulous teeth. Let me tell you a secret. Perfect white smiles are not in fashion magazines because they are always in fashion magazines. Mod