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Boho fashion trend never seizes to amaze us and with every new season it is more colorful, vibrant and diverse. Long ago this trend transcended the boundaries of a subculture and became an unavoidable part of everyone’s style, even if it’s in the smallest degree. Basically, boho style  turned out to be so versatile th
Not sure what style to go for this season? Want some new game-changing style staples for fall? We found them on Lyst! Here is some inspiration for you on how to spice up your cold weather looks. Backpack Backpacks are not only a a fun accessory, but also a dramatic addition to the most glamorous looks. For fall, look for a
mirror sunglasses
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Vacations are meant to be relaxing, so when it comes to fashion, comfort is usually the name of the game. However, comfort and stylishness do not have to be mutually exclusive. If you want to be both comfortable and fashionable on summer vacation, here are some tips. Take a Multifunctional Cotton Cardigan Because it can be
Eyeing for a boho-chic wardrobe? From arm candies to boho tunics, bohemian fashion lovers will drool over everything with gives the vibes of a free spirit. Boho fashion is essentially for lovers of freedom and creativity. It is very flexible and casual. Many celebrities like Sienna Miller have been inspiring us to curate o